By Liana Jacob


ALL SHE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS is to be her idol and this Scottish singer’s dream came true when she was scouted to be a Mariah Carey tribute act prompting strangers to stop her in the street in awe of her resemblance to the popstar diva.


Uncanny shots show professional singer-songwriter and multi-tribute act, Jass Meagher (33), from Edinburgh, Scotland, posing in a gold top and Santa hat with Mariah’s signature honey blonde hair, while another picture shows her posing next to ‘Stay Another Day’ band, East 17.

Jass pictured dressed as Mariah in a red dress.
MDWfeatures / Jass Meagher


Other pictures show her striking a sultry pose in a red cleavage-baring dress much like the diva herself and another is showing her in brunette tight curly locks in a purple and black lace dress exhibiting a look Mariah had in the 90s.


Jass has always found the comparison a compliment, being a huge fan of the Songbird Supreme for decades and has always been dubbed as ‘little Mariah’ by her peers growing up since she was just 11-years-old.

Jass pictured dressed as Mariah wearing diva glasses.
MDWfeatures / Jass Meagher


She developed a passion in singing and song-writing in high school where creative arts were at the forefront. She began performing locally on stage and was approached by agents who asked her to perform a tribute to top artists such as Mariah Carey and Leona Lewis.


“I was told I looked naturally like Mariah Carey before I even became a singer, when I first moved to London at the age of eleven,” Jass said.

Jass pictured performing as Mariah.
MDWfeatures / Jass Meagher


“When people hear that I am also a singer, it makes them very intrigued to come to a live show or listen to me online.


“I am constantly being asked by fans to sing happy birthday to them as Mariah on Instagram. This happens all the time even when I am singing other material or just shopping for example.

Jass pictured as Mariah.
MDWfeatures / Jass Meagher


“Comparisons are natural to people; it’s a form of recognition. We can be unique yet similar to those who inspire us.


“I think learning from others and having this recognised is a good thing. I am never ashamed or secretive about my influences or the impact Mariah has had on me and my work.

Jass pictured dressed as 90s Mariah with her curly brown locks.
MDWfeatures / Jass Meagher


“I was once contacted by a girl who wanted to be an impersonator to Mariah but didn’t sing, so she asked me if she could use my live vocal performances to mime to. That was a big compliment about my vocal ability.”


Jass began learning to sing when listening to Mariah’s Daydream album in her bedroom. She later trained in music and voice in London and developed her song-writing, singing, performance and music skills.

Jass pictured posing next to East 17.
MDWfeatures / Jass Meagher


“Agents began approaching me and asked if I could perform a tribute to other top artists – that’s when I began being booked with my tributes to Leona Lewis and Mariah Carey. My first show was for Gala Casinos, UK,” she said.


“The main things Mariah and I have in common are; we are both singers, we are both mixed race (half back and half white), we both write songs and compose music, also we both have a great sense of humour, on stage and off.

Jass pictured dressed as Mariah wearing a Santa hat.
MDWfeatures / Jass Meagher


“Not everyone knows how funny Mariah is and some think all we do is sing melancholy ballads. In actual fact we are both very versatile vocally and sing everything from Jazz to hip-hop.


“I have been told whilst I was singing the high notes as Mariah that I sound like I’m using operatic technique.

Jass pictured revealing her mixed race thick brown hair as Mariah.
MDWfeatures / Jass Meagher


“I think Mariah is the best pop singer on the planet, I don’t think she gets enough credit for her song-writing and creative abilities.


“I feel people focus too much on her physical appearance, and enhancements, rather than appreciating her vocal ability and eighteen number one hits.

Jass pictured singing as Mariah.
MDWfeatures / Jass Meagher


“She is the bestselling female solo singer in the world and as such she must feel very much in the spotlight all the time, and open to scrutiny constantly; which can be a burden at times I’m sure.


“I have had comments that I look so much like Mariah, only smaller and why don’t I get a boob job. However, younger Mariah looked a lot more like me physically, as she was thinner and had a smaller bust as well as curly mixed-race dark hair.”

Jass pictured dressed as Mariah in a sequin dress.
MDWfeatures / Jass Meagher


Despite appreciating the comparison, Jass says that she is not a ‘fame-chaser’ and is fully focused on her goal of becoming a published singer-songwriter.


She has since embarked on an incredible career in the music industry, including supporting 90s Christmas classic band East 17, being invited to collaborate with an LA platinum producer and being recognised by VH1 music with her cover of My All.

Jass pictured as herself. MDWfeatures / Jass Meagher


“People tell me I look like all the female singers I tribute including Alicia Keys, Leona and Whitney; I think some of it is down to mannerisms, heritage and performance personas,” Jass said.


“My likeness to Mariah has helped with my Mariah Carey Tribute to give the impression of the real Mariah up on stage.

Jass pictured dressed as Mariah in a white dress in front of a Christmas tree.
MDWfeatures / Jass Meagher


“It makes the experience for the audience more entertaining and authentic. However, I am myself, other than on stage.


“Sometimes it can be challenging to be a tribute as some have the opinion that I’m the same person as Mariah, with all the same luxuries in life or the same personality – but I am totally different.

Jass pictured as honey blonde Mariah.
MDWfeatures / Jass Meagher


“I am not very ‘Hollywood’ in person, I don’t believe appearance is as important as who you are inside and, of course your talent, and what you have to say.


“Singing is my life, but I also like to dance, listen to classical music, walk and train my dog, study nutrition, write poetry and go to the seaside for fresh air.

Jass pictured posing Mariah-style.
MDWfeatures / Jass Meagher


“It is an honour to be able to perform as tribute to some of biggest female superstars in the world, and I am grateful for all the support I have received thus far.


“I am also excited to record original music in the new year and continue to work on my own album of songs in the studio.”