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By Dan Coles



INCREDIBLE images included in a new book have revealed the wonders of Cumbria in all its scenic glory.


Barely believable landscapes put in view what awaits the expectant traveller with the sky’s reflection glistening off the water beneath it at Derwent Water.

Sheepfolds over Windermere.

Other stunning photographs offer a glimpse into the culture of Cumbria with snaps of the locally famous Westmorland county show with costumed residents taking part of carriage and horseback riding.


Cultural landmarks are in abundance throughout with one of the most notable being the sculpted sailor boy statue watching gracefully over the counties waters.

Slater Bridge, Little Langdale.


These superb images make up a new picture book called Cumbria in Photographs, by Steve Pipe and is published by Amberley Publishing.


“How can I do something different, something that hasn’t already been captured on several thousand camera phones?” he writes in the book’s introduction.

Spout Force.


“So, as well as including some of the well-known honeypots in this book, I’ve literally visited all the corners of the county.


“As well as the landscapes I’ve also tried to capture the people, events and traditions that make the county what it is.

Westmorland County Show.
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“So, in among the selection of vistas from the Lake District UNESCO World Heritage Site you’ll also find a range of pictures depicting the history and ancient traditions of the region, plus a few other surprises too.


“Cumbria really does have something for everyone and, stunning though it is, there is so much more to the county than the National Park.

Blind Tarn Gill.


“So, whether you prefer to explore on two wheels, four wheels, two legs, in a boat or even with wings, you’re bound to find something in this book to tempt you to explore just a little bit further.”


Cumbria consists of six different districts containing plenty to see and a population of just over half a million.

Bluebells, Rannerdale. StevePipe/AmberleyPublishing/Mediadrumworld


It was originally formed in the 70s after the passage of the local government act in 1972 making its county town Carlisle in the northern part of the county.


The showcase of beauty inside this book is spellbinding with low, high, wide and close angles showing us the depths of wonder that await anyone making the trip.

Cobbled street, Dent.
Steve Pipe / Amberley Publishing / mediadrumworld.com


A love letter to its residents, Steve Pipe returned to his roots in 2011 where he decided after finishing a job in IT to move home and start a blog for his family to see his travels.


Another image included in the book shows residents enjoying water sports in the lakes during their time off.

Custodian’s hut, Furness Abbey.
Steve Pipe/AmberleyPublishing/mediadrumworld


In an impressive collection there are also rainbow umbrellas Martindale in what seems like never ending land stretching as far as the eye can see, the millennium stone, an example of the otherwise unseen by most visual delicacies that Pipe has managed to capture in the perfect light and some beautiful fairy-tale-esque photo settings over at Slater Bridge.


Steve Pipe grew up in Kent’s Bank in South Cumbria and has many fond memories of exploring the county with his parents and brothers when he was a child. Having moved south with his family, in 2011 he abandoned a life in IT for a new life in Cumbria building a career as a photographer.

Jetty at Derwent Water.


Together with his wife, Beth, he has published a number of books. Between them they form the Cumbrian Rambler team with a strong presence and following across social media.


Cumbria is Photographs will be published on June 15, 2018, and is available here: https://www.amberley-books.com/cumbria-in-photographs.html