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By Ben Wheeler



MEET THE INSPIRING UK woman who was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) but has lost an incredible seven-stone in a bid to end being called a PIG by strangers on nights out.


Katie Webber, 23, from Essex has always had issues with her weight but her problems got worse after falling into a comfortable long-term relationship and gorging on her favourite junk foods.

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After becoming extremely unhappy with her body and recognising she had been overweight for too long, Katie decided to join Slimming World in a bid to be able to shop in the same clothing stores as her friends and bring an end to the vile abuse she would receive on nights out.


Images show Katie, who has been with her partner Adam, 26, for nine-and-a-half years, at her previous weight of 18st 5lbs, when she would have to wear anything up to a size 24, compared to the stunning 11st 4lbs, size 12 figure she is proudly rocking today.

Katie Webber / mediadrumworld.com


“There have been occasions on nights out where I’ve been called a hippo, an elephant or a pig,” said Katie.


“I used to suffer from water retention in my legs and one time there was a group of girls who commented ‘wow look at the size of those tree trunks’.

Katie Webber / mediadrumworld.com


“It was horrible and made me feel so self-conscious that I wanted to go home, people don’t realise the damaging effects comments like those have on you.


“All of my family and friends have been really supportive, but I guess I just got used to being the fat one.”

Katie Webber / mediadrumworld.com


Katie detailed the biggest factor in her decision to shed the pounds and explained how Adam has been there to support her every step of the way.


“I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago, it wasn’t the news I wanted to hear as my dream is to have a family,” she said.

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“The condition doesn’t stop this from happening, but it can reduce your chances and I wanted to give myself every opportunity possible to be able to potentially have children and start a family with my partner Adam in future.


“The easiest thing was to start with something I could control, that being my weight, so that’s how my weight loss journey begun.

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“Adam laughed at first when I said I wanted to lose weight because he has always known how much I love my food but has been amazed by my determination.


“He’s been so supportive, we enjoy finding new recipes and cooking together and he is constantly reminding me of how well I have done and how amazing I look.

Katie Webber / mediadrumworld.com


“He’s constantly by my side, helping me through cravings and times when I want to go back to eating junk food. Instead of buying me sweet and chocolate he now surprises me with new Tupperware or new outfits!”


Katie then went on to discuss in more detail how she ended up piling on the pounds and how this made her feel about her body.

Katie Webber / mediadrumworld.com


“I have always had issues with my weight, but I think the weight crept on as I got into a comfortable relationship,” she recalled.


“Once we were past the initial stage of attraction I just got comfortable, went out for meals, ordered takeaways and became lazy.


“I used to eat lot of bad food and none of the right things either. I would barely eat fruit and vegetables and would gorge out on Chinese takeaways and Haribo.

Katie Webber / mediadrumworld.com

“I would see all of my friends wearing lovely skimpy dresses and wonder what that was like and how it felt.


“It was embarrassing to have to shop in Evans and Yours at the age of twenty when all I wanted was to wear what my friends wore.”


Katie also detailed how she has undergone her incredible transformation which included a complete overhaul of her fitness and diet routines.


“I joined Slimming World after being overweight for too long, I was ballooning in size and I’d had enough,” she said.

Katie Webber / mediadrumworld.com

“It has really changed my life, I was really apprehensive at first as I had tried various diets and knew I would probably fail again, little did I know that I would go on to lose seven stone.

“Fitness used to be the last thing on my mind, I would come home from a ten-hour shift at work sitting down all day, have dinner and go to bed.


“Now I try to exercise three times a week whether that’s going to the gym or going for a walk, it all helps. Not only does it help you look great it also keeps you feeling fab and brings out those positive endorphins.


“My daily diet has considerably changed and whereas before I would regularly eat crisps, sausage rolls and KFC, I now eat a lot more fruit and veg as well as zero fat or reduced fat products.



Katie Webber / mediadrumworld.com

“One of my favourites is bacon double cheeseburgers which I make using five-percent fat mince, bacon medallions and reduced fat cheese, but it still feels so naughty.”


Finally, Katie spoke about how she feels about her body now, before passing on her own advice to anyone just starting on their own weight loss journey.


“I’m still not completely happy with my body but I feel so much better, I can wear outfits now that I would only have dreamed of,” she said.



Katie Webber / mediadrumworld.com

“The comments and support I get from people is absolutely overwhelming, people just can’t believe how well I’ve done and how determined I’ve been.


“I think a lot of people doubted me at the beginning but now friends and family are showing my transformation to their friends and family which is an amazing feeling.


“I’d advise anyone wanting to lose weight to stop worrying about whether it will work for you or about previous failed attempts, if you want to lose weight then believe me you can.

“One of my favourites is bacon double chee

“I’d recommend Slimming World to anyone, walking through the door was scary but you are all in the same boat, there’s no judgement just support and encouragement and that’s what helped me.


“Get rid of the excuses and the world is your oyster.”


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