By Liana Jacob

MEET the stunning British mum who comfort binged on junk food following the early arrival of her son six weeks before her due date and has since shed an astonishing four-stone in six months.

Supervisor, Samantha Rigby (29), from Sandwell, UK, had always struggled with her weight, but she got to her heaviest at 14st 8Ibs and a UK size 16 following the early arrival of her son who is two-years-old now.

Before. Samantha Rigby /


Due to him being born six weeks earlier than expected, Alfie had to stay in the hospital for two extra weeks and since she had to be in hospital to be with her son, her meals consisted of what food was around her, like pot noodles, chips and ready meals. Being at the size she was Samantha felt so self-conscious of her looks that she couldn’t bear to have any pictures taken of her even with her new-born son.

Her lack of confidence meant that she hated shopping for clothes and it wasn’t until recently that she decided enough was enough. She wanted to enjoy the milestones of her son and document every second to look at in the future, so she decided to join Slimming World on September 23, 2017. She is now a stunning 10st 7Ibs and UK size eight to 10.

Before. Samantha Rigby /


“I have always struggled with my weight, in the sense that I’ve never lost as much as I have now. However, this was the biggest I had ever been,” Samantha said.

“I guess it started when I fell pregnant although I didn’t put too much on but then Alfie decided to make a sudden appearance six weeks earlier than planned and he had to stay in the hospital for just short of two weeks.

Before and after. Samantha Rigby /


“That isn’t as long as some of the babies who come early had to stay but we wanted to be there for him as much as possible; that meant eating junk food or whatever was around at the time.

“In between feeds we were told to let him rest so we would go to the hospital coffee shop, where I would drink hot chocolate.

“I had lost all confidence, I hated having full body shots which meant I would not be in a lot of pictures with my little boy.

After. Samantha Rigby /


“I hated going clothes shopping just for clothes to feel tight or not look right. I’d take clothes into the changing room only to try on a few items and then give up on the rest.

“I wanted to do things together with my little boy; create memories and be in those photos for us to look back on in the future. Also, I often told people I had just had a baby.

“Time flies by so quickly, he’s three this year, not really a baby anymore. He is three and I am thirty. This is the time for my life to begin again and create so many happy memories and not hide behind that camera.

After. Samantha Rigby /


“I started my Slimming World journey in September last year. I had seen so many successful stories on Instagram and how it had changed so many lives, so I decided to bite the bullet.

“It was so welcoming there and I really loved the idea that I was pretty much open to eat a range of foods, meaning my life could continue as normal and I wasn’t just sat eating boxes of salad.

“I followed the Slimming World plan and within twenty weeks I had hit my target of three-and-and-a-half-stone. I stayed there for a few weeks before changing my target to four-stone which I hit by week twenty-five.

Samantha with her family. Samantha Rigby /


“I am so much more confident. I love shopping now. I’ve got a whole new wardrobe and it’s not just leggings. I have full body shots and will happily jump into a photo with my little boy.

“I have a lot more energy. I started weighted hula-hooping just before I hit my first target, I now do 30 minutes a day.

“I’m also trying new things like fitness drumming. Again, they are cheap and easily accessible to do at home, as I can’t get to the gym with having my little boy and work.”

Samantha and Alfie. Samantha Rigby /


With her job being office-based, there were always treats provided for her to indulge in and this was the hardest part of the process, to resist the cakes, chocolate and sweets offered to her.

“I work in an office, which means there is constantly junk food lying around. Cakes for someone’s birthday, ‘Fat Fridays’ which normally means chip shop or just chocolate and sweets people have brought in to share,” Samantha said.

“It was hard to break the habit when everyone else around you is carrying on but I was doing this for me and I had to keep focused.

Samantha and her son Alfie. Samantha Rigby /


“I have received a lot of compliments from colleagues at work, friends and family members who have been really positive about my weight loss.

“I also get many positive comments on social media, which means a lot too. To have people say that you inspire them, and they want to do the same really means a lot.

“That is why I started the account, If I could help just one person and show that it can be done, then I was happy.

After. Samantha Rigby /


“Don’t be scared. Everyone there was once in your position; fifty-fifty about the idea and worried about what the people there are like.

“Would they laugh at me? Would they judge me about my weight? The answer is no. They have all been there. They are just like you.”

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