By Rebecca Drew

MEET the super fit powerlifting mum who was still in training the morning she went into labour at 38-weeks and now has beautiful and healthy new-born baby boy.

Administration assistant, Lindsay Milling (38) from Brisbane, Australia, has been into fitness and powerlifting for nine years now and wanted to maintain her levels of fitness as best she could when she fell pregnant with her son through IVF in June last year.

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With a personal best in her favourite lift, the power clean of 52.5kg, Lindsay scaled back the weights she lifted throughout her pregnancy but still ensured she got a good workout. She also cut down from working out up to six times a week to three and even worked out at 5am the on the day she went into labour with no idea that her waters would break just 12 hours later.

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Lindsay and her husband Mark welcomed their son, Luka just over a week ago and they hope that one day he’ll take up the sport too.

“I started my fitness journey with boot camp back in 2009. I became instantly hooked and did that for three years before hearing about CrossFit and becoming really curious about it. I gave it a try in 2012 and have been doing it ever since,” said Lindsay.

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“I love CrossFit for all round cardio and lifting but I really love the powerlifting aspect of it.

“I get to lift weights with friends and it’s a great stress reliever and really for me, a hobby that I love.

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“Lifting heavy during pregnancy is dangerous. Weights must be scaled right back during pregnancy for safety and to avoid injury.

“There is no point trying to get a personal best during pregnancy. I still lifted weights all through my pregnancy but I did this sensibly and used lighter weights while still getting an awesome workout.

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“My main goal is just to keep getting stronger and lifting heavier with great technique over time and reaching new personal records.”

New mum Lindsay said she received mixed reactions from people who saw her training with her bump and she shared her words of advice to others wanting to get into powerlifting.

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“I found that people who had no idea about fitness or lifting were quick to tell me stop and that I needed to rest and not exercise during pregnancy. I found this frustrating considering I have been training for years and I’m not silly,” she explained.

“The reactions I received from people who work out and lift were all very positive. I have been training whether it be boot camp or CrossFit for a total of nine years now so there was no way I was going to stop once falling pregnant.

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“I love training and I would be a very unhappy girl if I couldn’t train. I was really lucky that I had a dream low risk pregnancy and was able to train for my entire pregnancy. Not all women are as fortunate.

“I’d say don’t compare yourself to anyone else, just try it, work hard and start to see changes happen with your body and strength.

“It’s empowering to get stronger and to lift weights with friends, always cheering each other on.”

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