By Liana Jacob

MEET the stunning mum has suffered from yo-yo weight due to giving birth to THREE children in less than four years and has since shed an incredible two-stone three pounds in just one-year revealing ripped abs.

Fabiana Sao Bento Gouveia (26), from Lugano, Switzerland, has grown up with a slim physique, but due to being pregnant three times within the space of just over three years, her body shape fluctuated causing her to feel insecure.

While she was pregnant with the third child. Fabiana Sao Bento Gouveia /

This on top of her unhealthy dietary habits of eating whatever she liked and doing inconsistent exercise at home and being five-feet tall, her body changed into a curvier 9st 6Ibs with a UK size 10 to 12, which was a weight she was not used to.

Despite reassurance from her loved ones that her weight was normal after having three children, Fabiana was not convinced and dedicated her time to revamp her exercise routine and changed her diet; she now regularly works out in the gym three to four times a week. She lifts weights and does a bit of cardio, which initially helped her reduce her waistline to a svelte 7st 3Ibs, but has since built up her muscles, increasing her weight to 7st 12Ibs and a UK size six.

Before and after. Fabiana Sao Bento Gouveia /

“I have always been a thin person, but my body suffered much from the pregnancies, I gained a lot of weight and my body was destroyed,” Fabiana said.

“I had three children in less than four years. In the first pregnancy I arrived at forty weeks with more than two-stone fourteen pounds, the second more two-stone five pounds and the last two-stone one pound. My body could not recover.

Before and after Fabiana Sao Bento Gouveia /

“Before my new lifestyle; I felt very sad, very insecure of myself and with very low self-esteem.

“People told me that it was normal for my body to be like this after having three children, but I always thought that at twenty-five years old for me it could not be normal.

Before and after Fabiana Sao Bento Gouveia /

“I did not want to feel bad and uncomfortable looking at myself in the mirror, I was tired of feeling insecure.

“My new body has changed my life; I am now less shy, more extroverted and I have more confidence in myself. I feel so much happier and more confident with myself.

“I had to start eating healthy; adding lots of fruit and vegetables to my meals, no white flour or sugary drinks, and lots of protein.

Now. Fabiana Sao Bento Gouveia /

“My training is very strong, I give the maximum effort for each training session and I lift weights to the maximum of my strength.”

The journey was smooth for Fabiana, although changing her eating habits turned out to be harder for her than she thought. But she says hearing positive comments from the public has made it all worth it.

Now. Fabiana Sao Bento Gouveia /

“I’ve had no problems, but eating healthy isn’t always easy, I’m very greedy and sometimes I give myself a treat,” Fabiana said.

“People congratulate me when they see me, they ask me how I managed to lose weight after the pregnancies and they say that it doesn’t even seem like I have had three children.

“I think that losing weight or changing one’s body is a very mental issue, so my advice is to set the goal well and want to fight tooth and nail for it.

Now. Fabiana Sao Bento Gouveia /

“Then it’s the food. We are what we eat, so food is fundamental. Finally, the training; training every time giving the maximum. Good things happen to those who sweat.”

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