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By Rebecca Drew

MEET the stunning student who has lost almost three-stone after she would restrict and binge on food through her teenage years since her doctor called her fat when she was just ten-years-old.

Growing up, Veronica Hirvilammi (23) from Helsinki, Finland was always overweight due to her love of all food but after her doctor said that she was fat, she started to restrict herself. Veronica went through phases of eating just 1,300 calories-a-day and doing five cardio classes a week and binging on crisps and ice cream after. At her heaviest at 15, she weighed 13st 7lbs and was a UK size 12-14.

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Tourism student, Veronica has lost weight and put it on many times but thanks to weight training and eating healthy 80 percent of the time, consuming between 1,800-2,500-calories-a-day, she is now a fit and lean 10st 9lbs and a UK size 8-10.

“Since I was a child I honestly loved food way too much and my family’s eating habits weren’t healthy, because they didn’t know anything about proper nutrition,” she said.

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“I went through my childhood always feeling good about myself until I was ten-years-old and my doctor said that I was fat so I decided to lose weight.

“I lost the weight by doing proper exercise, staying active, sleeping enough and eating healthy eighty percent of the time.

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“As a child I had no idea how many calories but I could eat an entire jar of ice cream, a bag of crisps and three plates of food a day.

“It has been a long journey since I have lost weight many times, then gained it back. All in all it took two years to lose weight and after that one year to gain muscle mass.”

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Veronica says losing weight has changed her life and says her family and friends are very proud of her transformation, she shared her difficulties and advice to others.

“The hardest part about losing weight was learning how to eat healthy while still enjoying life. It’s easier to lose weight than to maintain a healthy lifestyle while keeping your social life active,” she said.

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“Losing weight has changed my life because I have found my true passions, which are fitness and nutrition. I want to work in these industries in the future.

“I feel extremely confident about myself, strong and proud of how far I have come. I have learned how to truly love myself.

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“Find a sport that you actually like doing, so it’s easier to stick to it. Women shouldn’t be scared of lifting weights because it can change your entire body shape.

“Try to eat healthy food eighty percent of the time and treat yourself the rest of the time. Don’t stress and sleep enough.

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“Start following people on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to get motivated or start an account on social media and join a group where you can keep yourself accountable.”

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