By Mark McConville

WATCH as two adrenaline junkies climb a 650-foot-tall crane and dangle off the edge when they reach the top.


The exciting video footage and images shows the pair climbing up the outside of the huge structure no safety equipment before reaching the top and surveying the scene far below.

Alex Nomernoy /


One of the thrill seekers decides it hasn’t been dangerous enough and hangs onto the boom of the crane and his body blows precariously in the strong wind, with a fall equalling certain death.


The thrilling footage and pictures were taken in Zaporozhye, Ukraine by Russian rooftopper Alex Nomernoy (18), from Moscow.

Alex Nomernoy /


“This is the highest crane in the country,” he said.


“The crane’s boom was raised vertically to a total height of around 650 feet.

Alex Nomernoy /


“Dima and I climbed early in the morning while security slept. We sailed in a boat to the bridge support and then climbed up.


“A strong wind was blowing but Dima hung onto the boom of the crane.”

Alex Nomernoy /


Zaporozhye is a city in southeastern Ukraine, situated on the banks of the Dnieper River. Currently the city is the sixth largest in Ukraine with a population of 757,650.


The turning point in the history of the city was the construction of the hydro-electric dam (DniproHES), which began in 1927 and completed in 1932.