Shawn Grier /

By Mark McConville

ONE lucky man narrowly avoided being blinded after a firework came straight for him and exploded in his face.

Shocking footage has emerged of people enjoying the firework display during 4th July celebrations in America before a faulty one shoots towards the cameraman rather than up into the air.

The firework explodes right in front of the cameraman creating a dazzling display of light which left the cameraman with minor burns.

Shawn Grier /

Media Intern Shawn Grier (22) from Andrews, NC, USA captured the incident on video at the Fireworks Field at SWOutfitters in Andrews, NC.

“A firework was either knocked over by a technician or it was faulty,” he said.

“Suddenly we were attacked with a volley of fireworks, all of which were extremely loud at such a close distance.

“One medium sized firework exploded directly between the technicians and I spraying us both with shrapnel and burning gunpowder.

“I was looking at the screen on the camera, I saw it coming at me but had almost no time to react at all.

“You’ll notice after the initial explosion that many more explosions went off around the firework technicians and I after the large initial explosion.”

Shawn Grier /

Shawn admits he was lucky to escape without more serious injuries and is glad he captured the moment on camera.

“There was no serious damage, as luckily I had glasses on and a lens cover on my camera, both of which had burn marks that would not wipe off afterwards,” he explained.

“My ears were ringing and I was stunned. I could feel burn marks all over my face arms and legs.

“However, I felt like I was okay so I decided to come out from cover and continue doing my job of filming the fireworks. I knew at that moment though, that shot was the best one of the night.”

Shawn Grier /

Shawn thinks one can risk their equipment for a great shot but never themselves.

“Don’t be afraid to put your equipment in danger to get the shot,” he added.

“I was filming with a Rebel T3i and it still works great. However, be more careful with yourself, don’t be as willing to put yourself in danger unless you’re willing to face the consequences.

“As they say in America, ‘If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough.’”