By Rebecca Drew

STUNNING photographs and video have revealed one couple’s incredible bond as they combine their passions for yoga and free running.

Chase (left) and Amor (right). @chaseyamor /

The incredible pictures show the husband and wife team balancing on each other to pull some impressive shapes on the beach and in the park whilst video footage show the pair mastering a romantic backbend kiss.

Other gravity defying shots show Amor Armitage balancing on a piece of driftwood whilst her husband, Chase performs an impressive flip through the air.

@chaseyamor /

“I am always doing yoga and my husband is always training or doing free running. When we travel, we spend so much time exploring that we don’t get to train and do yoga as we would at home, so I thought that practicing both our passions would be a good idea to stay active and have fun together while visiting different places,” said Amor.

“The images represent different forms of expressions, of potential, of harmony with our environment. To us the photos reflect the potential all of us have mentally, physically and spiritually.


@chaseyamor /

“Chase trains different styles of movement every day focussing on body weight exercises, a mixture of rock climbing, parkour, slack lining, calisthenics, trampolining, and traditional weight training and I do different forms of yoga every day.

“Chase has the strength and I have the flexibility so we are currently working on developing each other’s strengths and helping each other achieve it.”


Amor (left) and Chase (right). @chaseyamor /

Amor met her husband through Facebook after seeing one of his free running videos. Despite, being able to achieve such ambitious poses, Amor explained the hardest thing about the photos is being able get into position before the self-timer fires.

“It was the first time I saw someone doing free running and I was astounded by it and him, I cheekily added him on Facebook, not knowing whether he would accept my request as he had thousands of friends and quite a few girls checking him,” added Amor.


@chaseyamor /

“He accepted my request and sent me a nice message, from that moment we started talking and connected deeply, we continued talking for a whole year before he visited me in Chile.

“We fell in love before our bodies met but when we finally met face to face, we knew we were made for each other.


@chaseyamor /

“We use a mixture of self-timer photography and remote trigger and 4K video stills, because we never have a photographer at hand so Chase sets up the shot and we have to jump in the frame and get into the posture really quickly.

“The biggest problem is trying to get into a complicated posture when the timer is ticking when you only have ten seconds to make it work.


@chaseyamor /

“The message is that we all have different unique skills, talents, passions, gifts and tools that we can use to build our reality. We all live in the same world yet we all see it in different ways.

“In our experience, I might see a rock, a bridge or a tree and use it as support or enhancement for a yoga posture while my husband Chase might see it as an obstacle to overcome.”