Brand recognition and return customers are critical for ensuring the success of a business. If customers cannot remember your business, they will not look it up or revisit it. If they do not, you will lose potential sales. Both are highly important in competitive businesses like restaurants, where it is easy to be lost in a sea of other businesses vying for the publicā€™s attention.

Since ordering food has become very popular in recent years, restaurants can use their packaging as marketing material to increase brand awareness, brand recognition, and repeat business. There are numerous ways that restaurants can use their packaging to their advantage, and we will look at a few below.

Add Contact Details To The Packaging

It is pretty obvious to many restaurants that they should add their logo to their packaging. However, many forget to add convenient ways for customers to contact them; a website URL is not enough in an age where people want to reach businesses faster.

Consider adding your phone number(s) and email address to the top of the box. Remember to add a call to action so customers can save your number for future orders and email for future correspondence.

Many businesses also utilise QR codes on their boxes to provide customers with business details, menus, and more. The good news is that a manufacturer can print whatever you want on your packaging, so take advantage of that.

Use Recyclable Packaging

Customers have become sensitive to business practices and how they impact the environment. Young people are more likely to order from and become repeat customers of businesses that show they care about the environment. Your choice of packaging materials is an obvious practice that shows how you think about it.Ā 

Besides bulk packaging like boxes, consider using individual packaging like pizza boxes made out of recyclable material. All you have to do is find a reputable business, place an order, and wait for your sustainable pizza boxes to arrive.

You can also use recyclable coffee cups made from paper. These cups are biodegradable and have insulating properties that make them not require cup sleeves to use. Remember that cup sleeves are very damaging because most are made of plastic.

Customise The Packaging

The logo and other branding details are not the only way to customise your packaging. Some restaurants ensure the package matches various elements of their premises, while others customise items like cutlery and tissues.

Use High-Quality Packaging

There is nothing more annoying, and that will lose your customers faster than receiving a mess inside a bag when they receive their food. While there is a component of delivery carelessness, the packaging is crucial in ensuring food arrives safely.Ā 

To ensure this, use high-quality, sturdy packaging materials that will survive the journey.

Packaging is crucial in branding, creating great customer experiences, and ensuring repeat business. It is also the first thing new customers interact with that comes from your restaurant, so you should take every measure to ensure it is done right.