By Aimee Braniff Cree


HILARIOUS IMAGES show two sheep with squares of foam on their head as the farmer’s ingenious tactic to stop them from getting stuck in the fence.

The images show two sheep feeding their babies in a field all while prancing around with what appears to be cushion foam on their heads.

A sheep is feeding its lamb in a new head dress ABERDEENSHIRE SCOTLAND. 

These images were captured by oil and gas company worker Mark Deans (35) from Aberdeen, Scotland.

Mark captured the images in Aberdeenshire, Scotland while coming home from his girlfriend’s mum’s house on his Canon D6 Sigma 150-600mm lens.

While it is for the sheeps safety Mark couldn’t help but snap a picture of the funny scene.

The sheep is protected from hurting its self. ABERDEENSHIRE SCOTLAND. 

“I guess this farmer has a sense of humour, I initially went over to look because I was worried the sheep’s head was stuck in a bucket but no it was foam,” said Mark.

“There is a purpose for it, putting foam on the sheeps heads to stop them getting stuck in the fence but it’s funny looking.

The sheep poses in its foam ABERDEENSHIRE SCOTLAND. 

“The sheep is safe, I got a bit of a laugh and I think the photos will bring people a smile.”