The outside of your home should always compare to the condition of the inside; therefore, it is important not to abandon upkeep and maintenance projects on the exterior of your home. Most homeowners tend to dismiss renovations to the front of their homes purely due to price and budget restrictions however, to maintain a great visual appearance to your property, you do not always need to splurge out and spend way over the odds. Stay tuned if you wish to find out how to update your home exterior without spending considerable amounts of cash on renovations.Ā Ā 

Maintain and update the landscapingĀ Ā 

Acting on improving your garden area can massively upgrade your home’s curb appeal. After all, a rundown and overgrown garden is never a good look, and improving this space can add additional colour and attractiveness to the outside of your property. More expensive variations of landscaping would be to hire a professional company to refurbish the full garden, perhaps installing artificial grass, wooden decking, or patio paving. This can quite often cost an excessive amount which is not particularly ideal, especially if your disposable income is limited. Therefore, some less expensive DIY projects include, adding a stepping stone walkway, creating a flowerbed area, planting a variety of shrubs or trees, or creating a stone garden. You can even install aĀ simple outdoor kitchen to maximize the space. These projects can be completed by yourself, or with the help of a friend or family member, meaning that the only cost involved is the price of the equipment and materials themselves.Ā Ā 

Clean the gutterĀ Ā 

Another way to update your home exterior, which can quite often be forgotten about, is to clean the gutters surrounding your home. If left unattended or disregarded for a long period, gutters can gain a build-up of leaves, moss, mould, and broken branches, which in the long run, can impact the performance of the gutter resulting in inefficient functioning. Alongside poor operation, the clogged gutter can look dingy and grubby which can impact the appearance of the overall home; therefore, it is best to ensure that they are kept clean. To have the job completed successfully with no damage or safety risks, be sure to contact a professional. Click here for professional gutter cleaning services.Ā Ā 

Update house numbersĀ Ā 

Standard brass house numbers that often reside on most homes can rust and corrode, particularly over time as they are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Therefore, to update your home exterior, we would advise investing in a house number sign, perhaps in slate or metal with a plastic overlay to protect it. There are several styles and designs of house number signs online that can be personalised to your exact needs, and the best part is, they are not costly at all! Some door number signs can be purchased for as little as Ā£10 and can make all the difference to the front of your home, demonstrating luxury and precision on your home exterior.Ā Ā 


Your garden surrounding your property does not need to be bland, and adding a touch of your taste can make all the difference in modernising and updating your space like laptop table. Adding furniture to your front or back garden can act as the perfect meeting space for friends, family, and yourself, which will also highly benefit you in the summer evenings when it may be slightly warmer to alternate from your usual indoor living space. A top tip is to purchase outdoor furniture within the autumn/winter season as it is likely that retailers will have the price reduced as they are in lower demand during this period than they are in the spring and summer months! Spruce up your outdoor living area with some outdoor lighting. This can come in the form of downlights, floor lights, lanterns or even hanging bulbs across a fence to illuminate the area, making it more comfortable and homely. Finally, if you are willing to expand your budget, you could always invest in a hot tub, a greenhouse, a fire pit, or even a small fountain to add a little something extra to your garden space.Ā 

Observe and perform regular clean-ups

Once you have completed several tasks to help spruce up the outside of your home, performing clean-up duties little and often will help to keep your exterior in the best shape, and will avoid an over-excessive build-up of waste and debris in your outdoor space. Ensure that you keep an eye out for smaller repairs that may need to be fixed before they turn into a bigger issue, for example, any chips to paint, repairs to landscaping, or general clean-up to plants and flower arrangements. DIY gardening can make all the difference and is guaranteed to update your home exterior, so invest in a few tools that will assist you with this in the future.Ā Ā