By Shannine O’Neill


THIS PLUS-SIZE content creator has hailed OnlyFans for bringing her back from the brink of suicide even though she is asked to play with her stomach and wear a nappy by creepy fans.

 Self-employed content creator Lou Bailey (35) from Manchester, England started her OnlyFans account in 2022 and has since been earning over 3,000-pounds a month posting inspiring body-positive content on TikTok, but that hasn’t stopped the online fat shaming abuse.

 Lou has grown her TikTok to over 226.5K followers and over two-million likes with body-positive content for those who are seen as plus-size to gain more confidence from her content.

 Lou had made the decision to start her OnlyFans account after she developed back problems while pregnant with her son and was unable to work her normal nine-to-five desk job anymore.

Lou struggled with depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder and postpartum psychosis.

 Since then, Lou has earned over 3,000-pounds every month and has found that her content has increased her self-confidence ten-fold, especially in relation to her weight.

 Standing five-foot-three tall and weighing 196-pounds, Lou has had some strange requests from men on OnlyFans in relation to her weight, including how they want to watch her rub and play with her stomach, which she has had requested many times.

 Although, this has not been the weirdest experience that Lou has had on OnlyFans, as a client had requested her to adorn a nappy for a video, which she quickly declined, saying “I just won’t do it, it’s not my thing.”

 Lou has not only struggled with physical impairments that have made it difficult to keep a steady income in the past, but she has struggled with mental health issues such as depression, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, and postpartum psychosis.

 Her mental health issues stemmed from her mother’s death at the young age of 12, then her aunt’s death at 14, where she remembered being “off the rails” and harming herself.

 But it wasn’t until Lou was pregnant with her son in 2016 when she truly saw the extent of her mental health issues, as she struggled severely with postpartum psychosis and depression, leaving her with hallucinations so severe that she attempted suicide and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, where she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, manic depression and anxiety.

Lou started to develop mental health problems at 12 when her mother died.

 It was a difficult time for Lou, but she was able to control her emotions that much easier by attending therapy and being on antipsychotic medication for over a year now, which has helped her feel the most stable she has in a long time.

Staring OnlyFans and posting inspiring, body-positive content on TikTok also helped Lou’s mental health and suicidal thoughts.

“All the online things I’m doing gives me focus and helps keep my brain occupied which helps with my mental health,” she said.

“The fact I have women telling me how much my content has helped them feel more confident with their own bodies is just amazing.

“It means so much to me that I can help women see themselves for the gorgeous curvy ladies they are.

“I’m finally in control of my own life and I finally feel like I am working towards having the life I have always wanted.”

 When Lou began posting content on TikTok, she quickly gained an audience that praised her for her body-positive content, which she hails as one of the reasons she is so confident with her body image now.

 Although, it has not all been praise from Lou’s audience, as she has also received her fair share of online abuse from trolls online.

 Lou has received nasty comments from people commenting negatively on her weight or on the fact she is a sex worker, but she says she pays no attention to them as she is happy and content with who she is.

 “I get nasty comments all the time but it doesn’t bother me because I’m happy and comfortable with my choice to work in the sex industry,” she said.

 “Posting online has helped me because it shows me how far I have come and how I’ve turned my life around.

Lou promotes being confident in your own skin, no matter your size.

 “I enjoy posting on OnlyFans so I suppose that’s helped me too.”

 Lou earns around 3,000-pounds a month from OnlyFans, whereas she only made around 1,100-pounds per month from her desk job that she had before joining OnlyFans, and 600-pounds a month from her previous cleaning job.

 “I earned around 3,000-pounds a month for the last few months,” she said.

 “I’m not up there with the top earners but it’s more than I have ever earned and it’s helped me become so much more independent and don’t have to count the pennies as much now.

 “Due to money struggles and with my physical health and mental health problems, I couldn’t work a normal nine-to-five job so I just thought I’ll try it to see what happens.

 “I had nothing to lose.”

 Although Lou has praised the benefits of being self-employed, she has not always been comfortable with some people’s requests on OnlyFans.

“I have men who ask me to play with my belly which I found really hard to do at first as my belly has always been my biggest worry on my body,” she said.

 “But now I’m so much more confident and I think if that’s what they like and ask for then why not give them what they want.

“The weirdest request I’ve had would have to be me being asked to wear a nappy which I just won’t do. It’s not my thing.”

Lou also posts on TikTok under the name LouBBW to showcase her own body-positivity and inspire other people to do the same, which she has said that alongside her OnlyFans content has been instrumental in growing her own confidence.

“I try to encourage ladies who are plus size to feel confident in their bodies and I have a number of ladies who have told me my videos have made them feel more confident which literally makes my heart melt.

“It shows me how far I have come and how I’ve turned my life around.”