By Mahima Kaur


A BABY orangutan was captured displaying some unbelievable expressions while he was flopped on top of his mother’s head. 

The baby orang puts a finger in its mouth.

One of the images shows the naughty baby orangutan looking fed up with a hand on his head- an expression reminiscent of a tired human adult. 


These images were captured by photographer Syahrul Ramadan (46) from Jakarta, Indonesia using an Olympus OM-D EM1 Series and a Telephoto Lens 50-200 mm in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The baby orang looks comfortable flopped on his mother’s head.

Ramadan had to wait for two hours before he could capture the orangutan‘s expression on its full display.

“Some baby orangutans pose when they see me while others start interacting,” said Ramadan.


“They are often hiding in the shade with an older orangutan, usually their mother.

The baby orang looks fed up.

“It never gets boring to capture them because they are so much like humans in their expressions and behaviours.

“They communicate so well with their expressions and actions, like this one.”