By Mahima Kaur



THE CUDDLIEST of six-week old lion cubs were pictured being licked clean by mum only for one of the  mischievous babies to repay her with a naughty tail bite.

Kisses from mum.

Images captured by a UK photographer in Botswana show the lion cubs enjoying the shower of kisses from their mum, with two cubs cuddling her as she looks peacefuluntil one little terror bit her on the tail.

Lionesses are known for being one of the most protective mums in the animal kingdom.


Mothers and their young cubs will spend most of their time away from the pride, with the cub relying entirely on their mother for this period.


These images were captured by Nathalie Mountain (52) from Winchester, Hampshire, UK using a Nikon D850 and Nikkor 180 – 400mm in the Little Vumbura Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana.

The most patient lion mum.

“The lioness was very relaxed and was completely unbothered by our presence,” said Nathalie.

“She chose a hidden spot in the bushes to give birth to her three cubs.

“Her precious bundles of fluff now played with and around her.

A cub climbs on his mother’s back as she cuddles with another.

“It was so magical to be able to watch this adorable new young lion family.

“We hope that this new generation of cubs all survive and help grow this newly forming pride.”