By Aimee Braniff Cree

QUIRKY pics show Falkland king penguins during their moult with one particularly stylish penguin cutting a figure like he is wearing a shabby tuxedo.

Images show the juvenile king penguin strutting his stuff proudly, while other images show his penguin colony as they go through the moult and find their partners for life.

A waddle of king penguins descend.

These images were captured by photographer Judy Rogero (66) from Bradenton, Florida.

Judy captured the perfect penguins at Volunteer Point on the Falkland Islands on her Canon 1dx11 with the Canon 500mm F4 lens.

Judy loves photographing penguins and thinks they have buckets of attitude which translates well on camera.

“We first saw the moulting penguins at the beach at Volunteer Point in the Falklands. We were up early at sunrise and saw them grouped with the other Kings going out to fish,” said Judy

“We saw all of the penguins and how they were very cautious going to the water . They were very sceptical of Sea lions as they had been seen the day before.

This king penguins moult looks like a tuxedo.

“Usually the moulting penguins are not with the group as they can not repel water when they are moulting so it was a little odd to see them at the beach.

“This was a juvenile and every feather is replaced on them. The old feather will not fall out until the new one has completely grown in. So the pattern on this one really looked like a tuxedo, it caught my attention.

“It is one of my favourite images, I love the attitude of the penguin to think he would be okay and was not backing down from the water just because of his moult.

Moulting King Penguins.

“This had to be his first swim as a juvenile.

“People love the pictures as they did not know the penguins moulted like this so it is something new to see.”