By Freya Coombes

THIS REAL life Rapunzel was shocked to get creepy comments from online admirers including a married man who said “may my wife’s hair be beautiful like this.”

Poet Genevieve Dove from Russia stands 5.3 feet tall has hair that measures over 4.9 feet long, has amassed a following of 131k followers on Instagram due to her unique look, receives comments including “Glorious Angel Light Being”, “beautiful princess” and “may my wife’s hair be beautiful like this”.

The comments from this man who wishes his wife’s hair was like Genevieve’s appeared on her profile multiple times, but like her long hair, Genevieve just brushes it off.

Genevieve was inspired by medieval princesses and mystical heroines as a child, which led to her choice to grow her hair.

Genevieve showing off her long hair.

Genevieve trims her hair every few months, maintaining the impressive length of her hair with only small trims to improve the overall health of her hair.

She cuts her hair to a length that is comfortable for her, allowing her to live happily with the long length.

After a lot of practice, Genevieve is able to comb and braid all of her hair in under ten minutes.

To maintain the health of her hair Genevieve has a strict hair care routine. She washes her hair every day with shampoo and conditioner. She uses a good comb when brushing her hair and often uses a moisturising hair spray to nourish her hair.

As her hair is a few inches shorter than she is, Genevieve doesn’t struggle with tripping or collecting dirt in her hair. When she runs, her hair sometimes touches her shoes, indicating it is time to cut her hair.

She can braid her hair in ten minutes.

Despite this, she does receive some negative comments, however, deletes them all as she doesn’t wish to give attention to negative people.

“When I go for a walk, people often pay attention and give me loads of compliments,” said Genevieve.

“I don’t pay attention to people who try to offend me. I often delete negative comments so I don’t have to see them.

“Not everyone understands the fact that women themselves decide how they look, grow their hair or not, use bright makeup or not.”

She sees the decision to grow her hair long as the same as other people using makeup.

Genevieve loves her long hair.

“I have always been inspired by mystical heroines and medieval princesses,” said Genevieve

“I think long hair is very aesthetic and I have always felt comfortable with having long hair.

“My hair is now more than 150 centimetres long (4.9 feet) and I am 163 centimetres tall (5.3 feet).

“Sometimes my hair touches my shoes when I walk or run, meaning its time for a haircut.

“I think the reason my hair grows so fast is because I am of Russian, German, Afro-American and Greek descent.”

Genevieve talks about how she cares for her hair.

“I cut my hair every few months to maintain its health,” she said.

“My last haircut was a few weeks ago and I always cut my hair to a comfortable length for me so it doesn’t get in the way.

“I wash my hair every day, sometimes every other day. Every time I wash it, I use shampoo and conditioner, a good comb and sometimes moisturizing hair spray.

“If you ask me what advice I would give, I advise leading a healthy lifestyle. I don’t smoke and I don’t drink alcohol, perhaps also contributing to the health of my hair.

“I can comb my hair and braid it in ten minutes maximum. It doesn’t take long to style it”