By Molly Pennington

A WALLABY fight “Dawn Under” was captured by an astonished UK photographer in the Australian sunrise.

In one of the photographs taken at a Queensland beach, one of the pair of brawling male wallabies appears to be manically swinging the other around by its feet.

Another photograph shows them holding onto each other and jumping into the sky—looking almost as if they are taking part in a choreographed dance against the romantic backdrop of the sunrise.

Wallabies dance at dawn.

Agile wallabies are often mistaken as kangaroos. While they appear very similar and are a part of the same family, the main difference between the two is that Agile wallabies are significantly smaller.

These beautiful and unusual images were captured by British photographer Michael Eastwell (27) at Cape Hillsborough National Park, Queensland, Australia using a Sony A7RIV camera with a Sony 24-105mm G OSS lens.

“I was staying nearby in a town called Mackay for a few nights with the sole intention of capturing these beautiful creatures on the beach,” Michael said.

“I woke at four every morning to make the trip down to the waterfront and capture the sunrise.

The wallabies look like they are dancing rather than fighting.

“Initially when I arrived it was very overcast, I spotted a few wallabies on the beach so I ventured down and waited patiently.

“The timing of what unfolded next was incredibly fortunate. The sun shone through a gap in the clouds as these two males went a bit mad with one another.

“The exchange lasted for a good couple of minutes, before both proceeded to head off in different directions, seeming uninjured and unfazed by the powerful kicking which had just taken place.”