By Mahima Kaur



ADORABLE images of cute lion cubs nibbling on their mum’s tail and even their sibling’s tail have been captured in Little Vumbura Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana.


One of the images shows the naughty lion cub looking intently at its mother’s tail before taking it in its mouth.


Another image shows a playful cub pulling at its sibling’s tail while he walks away.

Lion cubs are vulnerable and so their mothers hide them from intruding males and other predators until they are old enough to go back to the protection of the pride

Tails make a great toy – a six week old lion cub holds onto its siblings tail.

These images were captured by Nathalie Mountain (52) from Winchester, Hampshire, UK using a Nikon D850 and Nikkor 180 – 400mm.

“The lioness watched her adorable and precious bundles of fluff play around her,” said Nathalie.


“They were completely unbothered by our presence.


“One of the curious young cubs was particularly fascinated by the fluffy end of his mothers tail.

A tail is a great toy for a young lion cub.

“A tail, whether your mother’s or your siblings, makes for a great toy.


“It was so magical to be able to watch this adorable new young lion family as they played and explored the world around them.”