By Mahima Kaur






A COLLECTION of the cutest animal babies of 2022 have been released as selected by Media Drum World press agency.


Photographers from all over the world captured these adorable shots of the cutest animal babies.

The hanging black bear cub is a sight to behold.

One shot shows a black baby bear hanging on a tree branch, tired of waiting for his mum.


Another shot shows two lion cubs engaged in an adorable tussle.


The year also saw some cute orangutan babies showing off their hilarious antics, making faces and having fun.

The cubs queue to climb on mum.

“Lisoko keeps everyone in the chimp family on their toes.” said Alexander who captured the cute chimp in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.


“These twin polar bear cubs were only around three months old and weighed 20 to 30 pounds and had just emerged from their maternity den a few days ago.” said Hao Jiang who captured the baby polar bears taking a ride on their mother’s back.

A playful tackle.

“The baby bears came out of the forest suddenly and started playing and having fun.” said Paul Fowlie who captured the bear cubs kissing and playing in Finland near the Russian border.


These animal babies brought a lot of happiness and joy to everyone with their cute and naughty antics.


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