Taking a look at the calendar, you realize that there is barely a week left until the end of the month of August, and with it, the summer ends, the hot season, vacations, the beach and tanned skin. However, do not be discouraged because after the end of the summer month par excellence, December arrives. A month with thirty days of transition, thirty days of “back to school” and “back to the office” and thirty days between seasons until the arrival of autumn.

And with the beginning of a new season, moving from summer to fall come new opportunities, changes and transitions. With this we are not only referring to the field of fashion, changing the Ibiza white dresses for fine sweaters and long-sleeved kimonos, but also to the beauty sector. We changed some moisturizers, we replaced the after sun and aloe Vera gels, and we left the stronger sunscreens (except for those for daily use, such as foundations with a touch of SPF).

But What About The Perfume?

What does autumn and winter smell like? Is it a different scent than spring summer? Of course yes, we answer. The season that we put aside now is full of floral scents, such as jasmine, rose or peony, but also citrus aromas, such as tangerine, lemon or watermelon. While now, coming to the autumn-winter months, we look forward to the more woody perfumes, with the smell of the forest and the aroma of wood, sandalwood, moss… Nature in its purest olfactory state.

Do you want to know what are the perfect perfumes to wear in winter this season? Keep reading and discover the firms that have opted for perfect woody aromas for the new season.

Dossier Santal 33 Perfume “Woody Sandalwood”

Dossier perfumes are a great choice for anyone who loves woody fragrances. The sandalwood and amber notes in this fragrance make it feel warm and inviting. The unique aspect of this fragrance is its packaging which includes a wooden box with a hand held sprayer attached to one side of the lid so you can use both hands when applying perfume!

The company makes a small selection of fragrances that have been around since the 1940s, but they have recently launched a new line of fragrances inspired by their original santal 33 parfume.

Sandalwood is a woody scent that is popular in the winter, but it can also be worn during the summer. The original santal 33 parfume was created by Azzaro with notes of sandalwood and vetiver to create an earthy aroma that is inspired by the original fragrance.

Their newest offering, “woody sandalwood,” is meant to evoke the scent of sandalwood trees. The sandalwood tree blooms once every seven years and produces pollen that can be found on its branches during those times (which is why we often see people wearing santal 33 perfume).


We all know that the perfect fall winter perfume has a mysterious and woody aroma, so Lisbylis will be the perfect fragrance. With a few drops of the exotic notes of jasmine, Indian sandalwood and amber, this perfume will transport you to the golden hours of South America, even on the darkest and coldest days (86.99 euros).

Maison Margiela

By the Fireplace is a warm and spicy fragrance that evokes the comforting feeling of a fireplace next to a winter landscape with an enveloping addiction intensified by woody notes (104.99 euros).


Chlo├ę Nomade encapsulates the spirit of a woman open to encountering the beauty of the world. She has a woody chypre fragrance in a more intense version while oak moss remains in the vibrant heart of the perfume (55.99 euros).


Byredo’s fragrance under the name Bal d’Afrique is easy, warm, citrus, floral and aromatic (135 euros).

Yves Rocher

With a sensual oriental air, warm, deep and full of mystery, the Eau de Parfum Sable Fauve fragrance harmonizes the resinous fragrance of Cistus and Benzoin (35 euros).


Oud wood is one of the most exceptional and ancient essences in perfumery and is the protagonist of Oud Palao, the perfume with the fragrance of oud wood, vanilla and rose (135 euros).


Égoïste is the Chanel perfume developed in 1980, composed of a mixture of spicy, woody and vanilla notes, perfect for the afternoon or evening (112 euros).