Super bowl betting is widespread among serious gamblers as it is considered by many to be the easiest sport to make a profit on. Oddly enough, however, super bowl matches are not wagered on by casual fans as often as they are on other major professional sports.

Let’s start by addressing the issue that some super bowl fans may not be quite sure how to proceed, which could be one of the reasons why there is less betting activity on it. Moreover, it can be because there are less Super Bowl odds providers.

Regardless of whether you have the odds or you donā€™t have the odds, you can consider making a super bowl running bet.

Super bowl running bet

Betting on upcoming games is becoming more and more popular among gamblers and online sportsbooks are responding by offering even more upcoming bets sooner.

As an example, consider the most popular sports betting game: professional football

The Super Bowl season is one of the shortest of any professional sport, and fans who enjoy NFL betting typically need a gambling fix between the Super Bowl and the start of a new season in the fall.

When the season is almost here to talk about but not close enough to bet on, spring and summer pro NFL betting enthusiasts get especially thirsty for a pro NFL bet.

How to make a running bet?

There are many ways of making a running betĀ Ā  which can either be done at the weekend, at the start of the season and so forth.

Throughout the year, many online bookmakers offer Super Bowl odds along with division and conference numbers.

Another popular running bet is an over/under bet on a team’s season record.

For example, NFL players can place bets on the 2009 regular pro NFL season beginning September 10th between Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans thanks to week 1 pro NFL betting odds that are still readily available at many sportsbooks.

Pro NFL futures betting may whet the appetite, but is it profitable for the better? Do futures offer a better return than match day odds?

The majority of the time, the answer is yes.

Almost often, bettors can increase their odds months before the start of the season, even on the top teams. Consider the rewards earned by those who bet the St. Louis Rams to win Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000.

Running bet also offers players the opportunity to be insiders for the duration of the season or even the whole year if a bet is placed early.

The disadvantage

One downside to running a bet, however, is that your money is locked up for six months or more, which is a time when you can (maybe) make repeat profits. Furthermore, the sportsbook could benefit from your funds by earning interest on them.


However, most people are not afraid of it. Running betĀ  betting is becoming more and more common because it’s all aboutĀ  combining different teams in some multiple matches to come.