By Abigail Marlow


These remarkable shots show a lazy round shell snail hitching a ride on the back of a tree frog.

One image shows the orange snail sitting on the eye of the poor frog as it is ferried across a river.

Another shot shows the snail taking a close look at the water whilst still seated on the head of the frog.

At one point, the snail was sat on one of the frog’s eyes. SOUTH JAKARTA, INDONESIA.

These images were taken by Andri Priyadi (37) who captured these shots in South Jakarta, Indonesia.

“The snail crossed the head of the frog,” he said.

“This felt like a rare moment.”

“The frog was approximately two and a half inches in length and the snail was around half an inch long.”

The frog was around two and a half inches long and the snail measured at just half an inch. SOUTH JAKARTA, INDONESIA.

Despite their name, not all tree frogs live in trees with some living on the ground.

Their diet consists of small insects such as crickets, locusts, and mealworms.

“I was very happy that I was able to capture this moment with my camera,” he said.

“Other people really like these images too.”