At any point during the year and especially during the summer months, more and more people love to hit the road in their recreational vehicles. Essentially a home on wheels, RVs are more popular than ever.

But just like any vehicle, they do require certain types of regular maintenance to keep them in great condition. To make sure their recreational vehicles are always ready for the next trip down the highway, here are some things RV owners should keep in mind.

Inspect the RV Roof

According to Camping World, water leaks can occur in any open seams on an RV roof. Thus, it is vital the roof’s edges, vents, skylights, and even AC unit be checked at least once every three months for potential leaks. While water may initially only soak into the outer wood framework, it will eventually wind up damaging inner ceiling panels, causing extensive interior damage.

Check the Batteries

Along with making sure the roof is not leaking, owners of luxury RVs should also make sure their vehicle’s batteries are in good working order. While some RV batteries are maintenance-free, others are ones that rely on water levels being properly maintained. RV owners should remember that deep-cycle batteries start to lose power after three years, while start-type batteries do so after five years.

Maintain Wastewater System

Needless to say, RV owners never want their wastewater systems going awry when they are on the road. To prevent any problems, Camping World recommends they always use the proper chemicals for their vehicle’s system. Also, the system should be flushed on a regular basis. If it is not, the system can clog and fail to operate properly.

Keep the Brakes in Great Shape

For their safety as well as for other drivers on the road, owners of luxury RVs should always keep their vehicle’s brakes in great shape. This can be done by lubricating wheel bearings and making sure the brakes are not worn down so much that they would fail to get sufficient activation. Should brake replacements be needed, they generally cost about $500 and involve replacing seals and repacking wheel bearings.

Change the Oil

Since RVs tend to stay in the driveway much more than standard passenger vehicles, Camping World RV experts suggest oil be changed in luxury RVs every 3,000-4,000 miles. In fact, it’s often best if RV owners simply adopt a plan to change the oil in their RV each spring. When the oil is not changed on a regular basis, an RV engine can sustain damage that can be expensive to repair. If the damage is too extensive, a new engine may be needed.

Since RV owners spend large amounts of money to purchase their luxury vehicles, it makes perfect sense to perform these and other maintenance tasks on a regular basis. By doing so, RV enthusiasts can not only hit the road in style but do so knowing their vehicle will get them to their destination and eventually back home with no problems whatsoever.