By Chloe Shakesby


BREATH-TAKING photographs have captured the magical moment that this Scottish dolphin leapt in front of a rainbow.

One stunning photo shows a young dolphin, weighing less than 100-pounds, suspended in mid-air with an arc of the rainbow prominent in the background.

Another of the photos shows the dolphin calf gracefully reentering the water as its mother pokes her head above the tide.

The dolphin arcs gracefully through the air.

The pictures were captured by photographer Catherine Clark (39) from Inverness, UK, who spotted the dolphins on the Moray Firth on Friday (27th May).

“I have been photographing my local dolphins for 25 plus years and always dreamed of getting a photo of a dolphin jumping with a rainbow in the background,” said Catherine.

“Well, it finally happened last week. The dolphins were not doing very much, but a beautiful rainbow appeared (very indicative of the weather we’ve been having lately).

The mother’s nose pokes out of the water as her child dives back in.

“I was about to reach for my mobile phone to take a wide angle photo of the rainbow, when out of nowhere the dolphin jumped right out of the water in front of me.

“It is a calf jumping and its mother appears at the end of the sequence. I was so pleased to catch it on camera after all this time.”

The dolphin diving back in.

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