By Abigail Marlow


THIS STUNNING set of images by an awed British photographer shows the King of the Jungle in all his glory.

In one incredible shot, taken while the photographer sat protected in a plexiglass box, we see a regal male lion standing atop a mountain of bones as thesun’s majestic rays shine down upon him.

In another we see a hungry pride of male lions searching for the last morsel of meat remaining on the carcasses that surround them.

These glorious images were captured by British photographer Simon Needham (52) from Leeds, UK, whilst he was visiting the GG Conservation Wildlife Reserve and Lion Sanctuary in South Africa.

“Bones are part of everyday life for lions,” he said.

A male lion standing proudly.

“I captured these shots from a specially designed plexiglass box that was strategically placed inside the Lion camp at GG Conservation.

“We placed additional bones near the box knowing the lions would come and investigate.

“I was in the box for approximately two hours.

“It’s very nerve-racking being so close to these stunning creatures!”

Simon captured these amazing shots using his mirrorless Canon R5 camera and was at times only four feet away from the action.

At the heart of Simon’s photography work is his desire to raise money for the wildlife he photographs.

“I sell art prints of the images I shoot, and then give fifty-percent of the profits back to the charity,” he said

“My print sales have been fantastic, as I have become more well-known and I’m pleased to say I have given thousands of dollars back to charity.

Male lions searching carcasses for the last morsel of meat.

“When I capture images that I know will help support the charity I am shooting for is always a great feeling.

“Bringing attention to a worthy cause is difficult but strong visual images can really draw people in.”

Simon leaves us with the poignant reminder that if we don’t take action, future generations will perhaps never get the chance to encounter some of theanimals in his photographs.

“All endangered species of animals need our help if we are to expect them to be around for our children and grandchildren,” he said.

“It is only with continued support that we can hope to save these species from extinction,” he said.

More of Simon’s work can be found on Instagram

GG Conservation’s Instagram page can be found here @GGConservation


Male lions searching carcasses for the last morsel of meat.