By Akanksha Soni


GLORIOUS images of a rescued 10 feet long tiger have been captured.

One image shows the 10 feet long, 575-pound Siberian tiger yawning wide as it lounges in the grass.

The tiger yawns wide as it lounges in the grass.

Another image shows the tiger ahead walking and looking straight at the camera.

The tiger looking straight at the camera.

These images were taken in an undisclosed wildlife sanctuary in South Africa by  British director and photographer Simon Needham (55).

Simon used a Canon R5 to click these images from five-ten feet away.

“This specific tiger is a rescued tiger, not much is known about the history of him but he is well looked after now,” he says.

The tiger yawning.

“It took me four hours to click these pictures as we had to wait for the tiger to reveal itself from the bushes.

“Anytime I get the opportunity to get this close to a stunning big cat like this its a privilege and it always feels fantastic to be in its presence.”