Traditionally, when talking about having powerful graphics cards in your computer, it is assumed that this is required for high-performance activities such as playing video games and rendering large assets. 

However, graphics cards in business settings have started to become more popular, as their increased performance capabilities when compared to integrated graphics and other standard units translate into benefits for the entire business. 

Considering the average office worker’s responsibilities, it may seem like a dedicated graphics card is a little overkill for using basic programs such as Word and Excel – however, you can read on to find out about the myriad of benefits that a business graphics card can provide. 

Modern working is resource-intensive 

Much like every other area of our lives, technology has continued to improve in performance in the workplace – and as a result, has ever-growing importance in daily business operations, to the point that being behind on technology could affect your bottom line.

With technology improving in performance, the software has become ever more resource-intensive, as apps take on complex visual elements as well as complicated mechanics with algorithms and data analysis. 

In order for workers to be as efficient as possible, the running of these programs needs to be as smooth as possible in order to maintain high levels of productivity. There is nothing more frustrating than having programs crash or work slowly when up against a tight deadline, and losing work due to crashes is costly to company time. 

By having a business graphics card installed, such as AMD for Business, you can afford not to worry about these crashes, as well as experience increased performance across the board. 

Better security 

In a world where essentially all files have moved from a paper to a digital form, including files that are vital in a business’s bday to day operations, the security of your business IT system is a more important consideration than ever before. 

Although security software continues to improve, malicious hackers are always trying to find exploits, even in the latest tech, and as a result, the need to be wary never goes away. Data is a currency for hackers and exploiters, and the amount of this currency available continues to grow exponentially, with businesses collectively losing millions every year.

This is why in the latest generations of graphics cards are being utilized not only for casual purposes but also to improve cyber security and the safety of your data.


Installing a graphics card in your business PC will improve efficiency across the board, as the extra processing power frees up memory from the rest of the system – this means you can run more programs simultaneously or run singular programs with increased speed and smoothness. 

For example, with a business graphics card, programs such as Excel run up to 23% faster, while the processing power allows for better visuals even just in general operations. Being able to run these applications at the same time while offering lightning-fast performance will enable your team to work as efficiently as possible.