London is a great city to go out in, and the possibilities for awesome outings are endless—so much so that you might feel stumped by having too many choices! If that’s the case, read on for some unique entertainment ideas in the vibrant capital of the UK.

  • A board games bar

Board game cafés are a fairly popular choice of venue among millennials. Draughts takes things up a notch by offering a bar-like atmosphere more suited to the night time at its two locations in Hackney and Waterloo. These bars are so popular that you would do well to book in advance. Remember to choose your companions for the night carefully—friendships can be ruined over an overly-aggressive game of King of New York!

  • A murder mystery soirée

Murder mystery dinners are catered parties during which guests try to solve a fictional murder, a bit like a live version of the popular board game Cluedo. The Murder Mystery Company organizes murder mystery dinners at top London venues including the Grange Strathmore Hotel, located in fancy South Kensington.

You can choose between three themes—mob, espionage or the classic manor theme, which includes Sherlock Holmes himself!—or request your own custom theme. Just don’t use this as an opportunity to get revenge on someone you don’t like!

  • An escape room

Escape rooms are dedicated game spaces where a group of players are given a defined amount of time to solve riddles in order to break out of the room. Escape rooms are usually themed, and you can choose the setting which most appeals to you.

As well as traditional, ‘live’ escape rooms, London also has a VR Escape Room, which uses cutting-edge virtual technology to transport players into a virtual scenario such as a zombie apocalypse, a pirate fantasy world, a haunted manor and more. This is one of the first applications of virtual reality to group gaming, as VR headsets have previously only allowed for single-player gaming, so this is an outing bound to appeal to avid gamers!

  • A tour of haunted London

If you have a taste for the scary and the paranormal, you will enjoy one of the many tours of paranormal London organized by London Ghost Walks. You can follow the trail left by Jack the Ripper, explore the spooky alleyways of the city or get the chills in old graveyards and Roman ruins. Unsurprisingly, special tours are organised around Halloween, as well as Christmas, and you can also book your own private tour. Not for the faint-hearted!

  • Laser tag

Laser tag is a fun game for adults and kids alike, in which two or more teams have to eliminate each other by ‘shooting’ opponents using laser guns. Adrenalin Rush, with its two locations in Chiswick (West London) and Dulwich (South London), offers outdoor laser tag experiences at affordable price, as well as simulated clay pigeon shooting, in which participants use laser guns instead of regular shotguns to shoot the target.