Wearing a gold chain solo is nice, but how do you wear it layered? Layering your gold necklace chain can add dimension to your style and also show off multiple chains at one time. Deciding how you want to layer your chains is completely up to you. You can layer your gold necklace chains with other gold chain types. You can also vary the thickness and lengths of your chains. You can even add a pendant to your chain layering to amp up your style even more. Learning all of the different ways you can layer your gold necklace chains can help you spice up your wardrobe. Whether you are staying casual or trying to bolden your look, you can do both by layering your gold necklace chains.

Layer With Similar Chains

A classic way to layer your gold necklace chain is to layer it with similar gold chains. You can layer a few thinner gold chains together such as a Connell chain and a Wheat chain. You can even add a third chain and change up the lengths of each chain so you can clearly see each chain. By layering three thinner chains like the Connell chain, the Wheat chain, and the Rope chain, you can add different textures to your layering but still keep a simple look. This option is good for those who want to have layers, but not go too bold in layering their gold necklace chains.

Layer With a Variety of Chains

If you are looking to take your layering to the next level, you can layer your gold necklace chains with a variety of chains. This means that you aren’t just layering similar chains at different lengths, but you are choosing different chains, lengths, and thicknesses for your layering. You might choose one thinner chain and two medium chains to layer. For example, you might choose a thinner Rope chain, but add a medium Cuban chain and Wheat chain. Or you might choose a thicker Cuban chain with two thin Connell chains. Once you choose the types and thicknesses, you can then vary the lengths to complete the layering look. There are endless options to layering when you use a variety of chains that will keep you from ever going out of style. By having a few different gold chains, you can always change up your layering pattern to keep a fresh look wherever you go.

Layer With a Pendant

If you are looking for something even more than just layering a few gold chains, you can add a chain with a pendant to really differentiate your layering. Adding a pendant gives the opportunity to break up the continuous chain look and add something new to the mix. It also gives one the opportunity to show off more of who they are. You can get all different kinds of pendants. Some popular pendants are a cross, a wing, and a compass. Adding a pendant to a Connell chain, a Rope chain, or a Figaro chain is an easy way to add another layer to the mix. You can then add a thicker Cuban chain or medium Wheat chain to keep a variety in your layering. There are so many options for layering with a pendant.

Another layer people donā€™t typically think about is adding a bracelet. You can add a bracelet to your gold necklace chain to make a set. This can give an all around complete look from neck to wrists. Adding a bracelet as another layer to your gold necklace chains can really show off your style to the world. Having a few chains with a pendant, and then adding a bracelet, can truly amp up your style and give you the confident look you have always wanted.

How Do I Wash My Gold Necklace Chains?

If you buy higher quality chains, they shouldnā€™t change in color or tarnish. However, the more you wear your gold chains the more likely there will be a buildup of dirt and oil. Although they wonā€™t tarnish, they may start to look dull and worn out. There are a few ways to clean up your chains so they always have a shine. One of the easiest ways is to use soap and water. You will want to add a gentle dish soap to warm water in a container. Next, mix the dish soap and water until it foams. Then, add your chains to the mix and place a seal-tight lid on the container. Shake your chains around in the solution for about one minute. After that, you can pull your chains out and rinse them with water. You will then want to gently dry them with a microfiber towel. This is one way to easily clean your chains without having to buy a jewelry cleaner.Ā 

Layer Those Gold Chains

Now that you know how to layer your gold necklace chains, you can go out feeling confident with your new look. You can stick with similar chains or mix up the variety. You can even add a pendant or a bracelet to really step up your game. The choice is yours in how you want to style your layers of gold necklace chains.