Our own death is something that very few of us are happy to talk about. However, if you are an adventurer at heart, you might like the idea of having a funeral that reflects your free spirit and pays tribute to the exciting life you led. Here are some tips on how to make sure that happens.

Use a prepaid funeral planning service

Whether you would like to be buried, cremated, or have your body disposed of in some other way, there are plenty of services out there which will let you plan your own funeral and pay for it so that your loved ones don’t have to scramble to find the money at no notice. Going with a prepaid funeral plan is not just a way to take care of things financially, however; it is also a way to ensure that the professionals know what your wishes are so there isn’t the risk of different relatives and friends of yours clashing over what they believe you might have liked best for your funeral.

When you are looking for a funeral plan provider, make sure that you select one that is registered with the funeral planning authority (or whatever your local equivalent of that is). This will ensure that the providers you select are professionals who will behave with courtesy and respect at all times while doing their job.

Inform your loved ones of your wishes

Adventurers often like to do things in a non-conventional way. Because of this, you might not be able to rely on your loved ones intuiting what your preferred kind of funeral might be. Instead, make a document outlining what you would like to happen—such as burial or cremation, where you would like your funeral to take place, who you would like to officiate it, and what music you would like to be played—and give copies of it to your loved ones. You can also get your funeral plan notarized and give someone close to you Durable Power of Attorney to execute your wishes.

Think outside the box

Many people believe that a funeral should not just be an occasion to mourn the death of a loved one but also to celebrate their life and who they were as a person. As an adventurer, there are sure to be plenty of moments in your life that will be worth celebrating! Therefore, you might like to think about the achievements you are most proud of and the places that have been most important to you, and then find ways to incorporate them into your funeral plan. For example, you might wish to have your ashes scattered in a location that holds some significance for you, such as one of your favorite hiking spots. There are very few regulations in place around scattering ashes on land; if you are planning to have your ashes scattered at sea or to have your body buried in the sea, there are a few rules from the United States Environmental Protection Agency that will need to be followed.