Most people who play sports want to get better. Humans have a competitive nature, after all, especially when it comes to games and physical fitness. 

So, how do you improve your sports performance? Sometimes, it’s easier said than done. If you’re struggling to improve, here are some ways to help you outperform your past self. 

Remember to Rest 

The first piece of advice involves something you do off the sports field. You need to rest in order to grow. If you work your muscles too hard without allowing them the chance to regrow, you will only injure yourself, which certainly won’t help you get better at a sport!

Go for a Sports Massage Edinburgh at Health by Science to decrease muscle tension and relax. Get one regularly, and you’ll feel much better in the long run, which will, in turn, help your sport’s performance. 

Track Your Performance 

It’s easy to remain in one place when you don’t track your performance. If you can see that one week you do well and the next not so great, you’ll be more inclined to try harder next week. Start tracking your performance, whether that means goals, times with the ball, or how well you aim, and you’ll find improving much easier. 

Get Used to the Gym

The gym is where fitness is born, and fitness is crucial for sports. Get used to working out in the gym – see it as a place of sanctuary, where you can work on your body in peace. If you can enjoy working out in this way, you’ll get fitter in no time. 

Eat to Fuel Your Body 

What you eat has an enormous impact on how well you perform at a sport. Plan your meals so that you adequately fuel your body with proteins, nutrients and calories. There are plenty of nutrition books out there to help you understand food and how it nourishes the body. 

Stay Hydrated 

As well as eating well, you also need to stay hydrated. That means carrying a water bottle around with you (filled with good old H2O) and drinking it throughout the day. Don’t forget to drink more when you play. If you don’t, you might become dizzy and overheated, which will lead to poor performance. Remember – you need more water when you work out! 

Watch Video Clips of Yourself 

One of the best ways to start getting better at a sport is to video yourself and watch it back. Whether you film your team playing or yourself practising, you can watch every moment in detail. It will make you think about how you perform, as you will be looking at it from an outside perspective, and this will push you to make better decisions when playing. 

With enough focus and dedication, you will gradually see a noticeable improvement in your performance. If you want to impress your team and, most of all, yourself, use this advice and become even better at the sport you love.