From beautiful landscapes, captivating cities, and the rich culture, cuisine, and art— Europe has it all. And this makes the continent one of the best travel destinations in the world. When you plan a trip to Europe, choosing your accommodation carefully plays just as crucial a role as planning your itinerary to make sure your trip is a memorable one. To make it less of an ordeal, here’s a complete guide to hotels in Europe!

  • Location

Northern Europe is replete with luxury hotels close to museums and galleries, cocktails bars, and forests as well as mountains for planning treks. In Southern Europe, you’d want to look for hotels that make it easy to visit the vineyards, shimmering coastlines, and cities that represent the European culture and heritage to perfection. When looking for hotels in Southern Europe, make sure you zero in on one that’s also not too far from restaurants and bars as they’re not to be missed.

Full of resorts and hotels by the seaside with a boho culture and ones that give you a perfect summer escape, you’re spoiled with choices when you look for hotels in Eastern Europe. And one can simply not talk about the Western part of Europe without mentioning Paris— the city of love and the epicenter of style. This part of the continent presents you with options in hotels that are chic, modern, and luxurious.

  • Budget

A trip to Europe, though one full of varied experiences, can be heavy on your budget if you don’t plan your accommodation carefully. However, websites such as Euotels can help as they take into consideration your budget, whether high or low and give you plenty of options. All you have to do is look for filters on the website that let you set your budget range and view hotels based on this factor.

  • The European Star System

Hotels in Europe range from one star to five stars based on their standard and quality of services, five stars being the highest rating. The price varies as per the star ratings. So, when viewing hotels online, you can easily make out how luxurious the hotel is going to be based on the number of stars it has.

  • Amenities to Look for

As a traveler, you would want to ensure your hotel provides you with basic amenities such as toiletries, Wi-Fi, mini-fridge, washer and dryer, towels, and at-room food services. If you need anything beyond these amenities, make sure you check the hotel website so that you have a comfortable stay.

  • Tips to Find Cheap Hotels in Europe

The best way to find cheap hotels anywhere is by comparing prices on sites and looking for offers and deals. Traveling off-season is yet another option if you’re tight on budget as hotels around this time are not high on demand. It also helps when you opt for hotels that aren’t located in the downtown area.

A trip to Europe is going to be one that you’ll never forget. It is a place for a romantic getaway and equally so for solo travelers. You could be a food lover, adventure-seeker, or one who is ardent about the rich culture, architecture, and heritage— Europe is sure to win your heart. Make sure you plan your trip and stay well in advance for the best experience.