When we think of extreme sports, our minds naturally jump straight to skydiving, bungee jumping and kite surfing – the sort of adrenaline-fuelled sports that you might see as a little too far out of your comfort zone. But in truth, there are dozens of extreme sports that anyone can enjoy and that are a little cheaper and more accessible than those listed above. This guide is about how to gently enter the world of extreme sports, getting used to living a little closer to the edge and building up to the most extreme sports in the world.

First Attempts

If you’re looking to add some adrenaline and spice into your life, an entry-level extreme sport is the perfect way to go about it. Here, we’re talking rock climbing, canyoning or snowboarding – the sorts of activities that will raise the blood pressure and throw you into a completely different headspace. 

It’s likely that you’ll have a rock climbing club near you – with a climbing wall indoors if you would like to practice before heading out into the natural world for a climb. Canyoning involves a wetsuit and a helmet as you battle through watery ravines. Meanwhile, snowboarding is a little more extreme than skiing, requiring you to learn balance before you take to the jumps, the rails and the half-pipes. These are all great options for extreme sports first-timers.

Buying Gear

Once you’ve found the extreme sport or sports that mean the most to you, it’s time to buy your own gear instead of renting it. First up, and most important, is the safety gear. Helmets and kneepads for various sports can be found at Triple 8, while you’ll find climbing gear from your local outdoors shops. Try online marketplaces like Gumtree and eBay if you’d like to buy clothing or wetsuits for watery sports. 

Owning your own extreme sports gear means you’ll have taken a decisive step towards making these pursuits a hobby instead of an occasional activity – and it’ll help you go bigger, bolder and better as you develop as an extreme sports fan. 

Next Steps

Having got used to the extreme sports that you love, you’ll always find yourself yearning for the next challenge. This is typical of extreme sportspeople – there are always higher mountains to climb, deeper seas to dive, or larger jumps to fly off. Still, it’s important that you always bear your safety in mind and don’t overstep the line between ambition and foolishness.

In this regard, it’s often best, as a beginner or intermediate, to take on new challenges in a group with an experienced guide. They’ll be able to tell if you’re ready for certain challenges, and they’ll also be trained in performing first aid and helping the group stay safe. Besides, extreme sports fans are excellent fun to hang out with, and come from all walks of life. So this is a social hobby as well as one to get your adrenaline pumping. 

Make these steps towards becoming an extreme sportsperson, enjoying living life on the edge and taking on new challenges.