Croatia has become a bustling tourist spot recently, with many adventure-seekers and digital nomads discovering its allure and the many things it offers. Its gorgeous beaches, old towns, panoramic views, and excellent gastronomic experiences make up what everyone pictured in their mind when they think about their ultimate dream destination.

While it remains a luxurious spot despite earning massive attention lately, Croatia reserves some hidden gems for frugal travelers. It’s time to kill that impression that the place only has overpriced goods and encounters for the opulent demographic. The region, too, nurtures some interesting but affordable spots for those trying to save their hard-earned dime for something else. Even those who rentedĀ luxury villas in CroatiaĀ could make use of the following cheap thrills.

Where To Eat?

While there are cheap grocery stores in Split, this Croatia escape isn’t complete without trying what the locals eat. At some point, you might want to try the high-end restaurants of the trendy old town. However, repeat dining in the same Italian joint kills the purpose of adventure. On a side note, you lose some cash you could have used for more important expenses like taxis, tours, bus fare, or villa rent.

Find traditional eateries called konobas in the backstreets. They offer authentic grills and seafood entrĆ©s. These tiny eateries also serve Croatian beer and wines, which you won’t be able to taste in lavish restaurants.Ā 

Check the back alleys, particularly in Dubrovnik, as this is where you can find one of their best pizza houses: the Oliva Pizzeria. Enjoy their generous serving and the great variation in prices compared to the costly counterparts in their mainstream streets.

Visit Zagreb

You’ll need to take a long trip to Zagreb if you decide to rent somewhere in the center. But definitely, it’s one of those tours you won’t regret due to several free and affordable things you can do here.

First, the cheapest option to get there is through a bus ride. Still, renting a car is a more convenient choice, though it’s not a practical one. Stroll around the wooded Maksimir Park, admire the famous Orthodox Cathedral, and join the noise of the colorful Dolac Market.

Croatia is also home to many bakeries, and you might want to try those that you can find in Zagreb. Their whole-grain bread and pastries have impressed many lucky tourists who discovered these wonders after a little research.

Other Free Things To Do

There are secluded islands in Croatia, such as Hvar and Brac, with deserted beaches. As touring people don’t get there often, your group might get lucky to have those quiet spots all for yourselves. Some of these areas are perfect for cliff-diving and group water activities.

If you have kids with you, take a stroll with them through the Dubrovnik Old Town. This historic city is a popular site for its huge cobblestone promenade. Exploring the walls may not be for free, but you can check other places nearby, such as the Pile Gate, the Jesuit Staircase, and St. Lawrence Fortress, where they filmed the Game Of Thrones.


Insiders would recommend bringing your student ID to get good deals on food, drink, and accommodation. Even if you have enough funds for this journey, it doesn’t hurt to try these free treats, especially if you want to extend your stay in Croatia.