There are more businesses than ever fighting for consumers’ attention, whether they are a big well-known brand or a new small boutique. It can be difficult to stand out when you are a little fish in a big pond, but that definitely does not mean you should not try to! 

This piece will discuss six little changes you can make to help your business stand out more amongst the competition. 

  • On Point Customer Service 

Customer service will very often trump anything else, especially if you have similar products. 

Customers want peace of mind when ordering from anyone, and having that consistent and helpful customer service can make or break a sale. Make sure it is on point during questions before a sale, during the dispatch and delivery time to keep customers up to date on where their order is, and of course, if any problems arise. 

  • Update Your Signage

Your signage for your store is vital when it comes to standing out against your competitors. 

You will want it to match with your brand, make sure that it gives the vibes you want it to give off, and that it encapsulates your business’ essence. 

If you feel like this and other external branding and marketing needs to be updated, then have a look at these simple ways to improve your signage so you can make an impact.

  • Look For Gaps in The Market 

What can you provide that your competitors are not? If you take a look at what others are wishing your competitors would implement in their business or what products and modifications they might be missing, if it is within your capability, start providing what they are asking for – quickly. 

  • Listen To Customer Feedback

You can learn a lot from customer feedback if you listen to it properly and know how to implement the changes they request. Businesses who listen to their customers are not only more likely to retain them, which is vital for business, but brands who listen will also catch the eyes of competitors’ companies too. 

  • Exceptional Social Media Presence 

Everyone, their neighbor’s cousin, and their dog has a social media profile now, so your social media presence needs to be making waves to help your business stand out in a sea of accounts. Make sure your content is not only striking, helping to catch a scrolling eye but also encourages your customers and target demographic to interact with you. Not only will this give you data you can use for future marketing campaigns, product ideas, or actions you can take to improve your service, but it also bumps up your reach too, which can bring more customers in! 

  • Be Authentic

There is so much inauthenticity on the internet, especially when it comes to wanting to achieve a specific outcome. Stick out like a sore thumb and envelope your brand in honesty. If you do not – you can bet someone will catch you out anyway!