Does your master bedroom need an update? Is it time to throw out that divan bed and wheel in an iron frame instead? If so, then you’ve come to the right article!

It can be hard to find inspiration for updating a bedroom, they’re very private places after all, but the tips below should give you a good start!

Bright Walls

Painting the walls white or off-white is a very tried-and-tested way of updating your bedroom. 

Bright walls are always chic, and they’re the ideal complement to crisp, neutral bedding. The best thing about painting your bedroom walls is that it only takes one session to completely transform the look of your room.

Go Contemporary

Modern furniture looks good — but doesn’t have to cost the earth. You’ll be surprised by how much you can achieve with just a little effort and ingenuity! A sleek gray dresser is an example of understated sophistication.

Consider a Fitted Bedroom

Buying bespoke fitted bedrooms could actually save you money in the long run. 

A quality fitted bedroom will stay looking good and keep its shape. A sturdy and well-made fitted bedroom will also last for years, making it a very good value for money compared to a traditional house-move.

Let Metal Do the Talking

Metal is having a moment, and it’s an ideal material for the interior designer on a budget. Take a stunning metal bed frame, for example — it’s both timelessly stylish and affordable.

Ditch the Divan

An iron bed frame is a simple, stylish way to update your bedroom without breaking the bank. These frames are available from a number of well-known brands, and they simply look great!

Incorporate a Mysterious Style

Mysterious allure is a great trend that can be incorporated into bedroom styling. Think of a light wood nightstand with a clean, minimalist look — it’s both chic and sophisticated!

Keep it Minimal

A contemporary black bedside table does just enough to show you’re a fashion-forward individual. In looks, but also in functionality.

Dress Your Bed Up

Don’t be afraid to make an extra effort with your bedding. 

A beautiful quilt is the epitome of modern chic.

It’s easy on the eye, but difficult to pinpoint exactly why that is! It might be the subtle pattern, or maybe even the trendy color scheme of shades of grey. Either way, it’s sure to stand out against a bright white bedroom wall.

Bold Bedroom Decor

A bold statement piece or piece of art can always inject life into a bedroom. Maybe the boldest item in a room is the wall-mounted coat rack; if so, make it THE thing that stands out”

Use a Combination of Colors

A semi-neutral feel is one of the best ways to update your bedroom. 

Graphic bedding complements an off-white wall beautifully. The geometric shapes are a subtle hint to the more contemporary items in the room.

Keep it Earthy

A pop of color can work perfectly, but there’s nothing wrong with naturally-inspired bedding either. Look at a wooden nightstand, for example — it will have just the right amount of warmth to complement a modern, white bedroom interior.