Dominica is a splendid island with a lot of potential in the Caribbean region. This breathtaking island is an accurate picture of nature at its best. From pristine sandy beaches to the lush green mountains, there is no doubt that the Commonwealth of Dominica is a place to be. This means that acquiring its citizenship is worth it. However, if you want to succeed in getting one, it is necessary to follow the right path.

Getting this citizenship needs you to have a clear understanding of the legal procedures. This is because there are strict due diligence steps an applicant ought to follow. It is key to note that there are two main ways in which one can acquire Dominican citizenship. One of them is through a non-refundable contribution. The second one is an investment in real estate. What is essential is that Dominica allows dual citizenship, which means you will continue being part of the country you are currently in. There is a lot to know when it comes to being successful in the whole process.

Qualifications for Applicants

There is a diversity of cultures and people on the island, which makes the place full of potential. Despite the racial differences, Dominica is the most politically and economically stable state. It is also well-considered to be among the most peaceful nations in the region. It has a lot to do with the strict screening for all the applicants. There are specific qualifications that the authorities check.

One needs to have an outstanding character. This is what acts as a pillar for the general progress of the place. In close connection to this, there is also the aspect of checking the criminal records. Therefore, if you have a clean one, be sure of standing a better chance of success. There is also a check on whether you have excellent health, which matters to your overall productivity. An applicant ought to have a basic understanding of English.

Dominica Citizenship by Donation

Citizenship by investment is becoming common in the Caribbean region. Dominica is among those countries which have embraced this approach. One of the investment options is making a non-refundable donation. You do this through the Economic Diversification Find (EDF). The creation of this program had the primary purpose of generating funds that would help in the expansion of the economy. Most of the projects revolve around developing infrastructures such as schools, roads, hospitals, national sports stadiums, and the like.

The non-refundable donations follow a specific set plan on the amount of money to part with in the application. For instance, for a single applicant, the contribution is US $100,000 and US $50,000. A family of four will give out the US $175,000. There is also consideration of the dependents whereby the donation of each applicant is US $25,000. This amount is for persons under the age of 18. For the dependents within the age bracket of 18 and 25 years, the figure is US $50,000.

It brings us to the significance of having a budget when going about the application. First, take note of the numbers, and you will not go wrong. Getting all the information about the donations is relevant as it enhances better planning. The best way to go about it is by doing some homework on the figures. This can be online.

Where Should I Seek Help?

At times, the application process for citizenship can be challenging, especially when doing it for the first time. This is why some agencies found their way into the Dominica Citizenship application programs. These firms are elemental when it comes to providing applicants with the proper guidance on how to go about things. In the end, it brings a smooth process.

If you have any questions regarding the requirements, these agencies will be more than ready to help. However, it is an excellent thing to seek help from the right places. This is where you ascertain whether the agency is licensed to be in the field or not. Remember to confirm whether the firm has been operational for many years. It has a massive impact on the number of applicants the agency has offered help to. Find the organizations which are law-abiding and transparent in all ways.

Dominican Citizenship by Investment

This is the other option after the donation route. In this way, an applicant needs to invest in a government-approved project in the field of real estate. There is a minimum value of the property that one needs to consider, which is usually at US $200,000. As an investor, hold the residential or commercial property for three years. This is after the granting of citizenship.

Can I sell the property as I wish? There is a procedure to follow. For you to re-sell the real estate, you need to do it under citizenship by investment program. However, this is possible when you have stayed for five years after acquiring citizenship. There are also some fees which the government imposes on the application process. Again, the issue of the number of dependents is also much elemental.

As a single applicant, you will part with US $25,000. For the principal applicant plus the spouse, the value is US $35,000. What is important to note is that fees don’t include the dependent siblings. This is no different from the option of donation when getting citizenship. Thus, for the ones below the age of 18, a fee of US $25,000 applies. For the ones between 18 and 25, the value is at US $50,000. All these amounts are per person.

Are there additional fees for the two application options? There are other costs an applicant incurs, such as the processing per application, which is US $1,000, and due diligence for the principal applicant at US $7,500. For the certificate of naturalization, the fee is US $250 per applicant.

The application for citizenship in Dominica follows a specific path for there to be a success. As an applicant, you need to follow either of the two options: citizenship by donation or citizenship by investment. The good thing is that there are government-approved agencies that help applicants in succeeding in the programs. They are worthy consultants to approach if you need clarity on different aspects.