In the era of cryptocurrency, online transactions and the development of online businesses, more and more Internet users and business owners are moving to the “advanced” level. If you are one of the latter, then most likely you are at the stage of launching your website or application. Moreover, if it is directly related to financial activities in any way, then you should be familiar with the concept of blockchain and know thatĀ smart contract auditĀ is necessary. Hacken experts provide their clients with

  • a complete process for testing data systems;
  • tips on how to improve performance;
  • confirmation of the quality of your platform.Ā 

Continuous training of company employees and updating their knowledge of novelties among malicious attacks and hacker developments will make sure you receive high quality reliable services.


Timely testing helps prevent a number of possible problems related to the operation of your Android app. Hacken also offers a range of other cybersecurity services to users, for example, penetration checking of applications for well-known software. Specialists at Hacken ensure:

  • convenience and trouble-free performance of functions and features;
  • security of user login and logout;Ā 
  • strength of passwords;
  • safety of personal data;Ā 
  • as well as, invulnerability to potential cybercriminal attacks.

In addition to the aforementioned tests and audits, likeĀ, experts offer various other useful directions for assessing the security of your platforms. Thanks to cooperation with higher authorities, specialists have access to the latest hacker tricks, in connection with which the data and testing methods are constantly updated. At all stages of cooperation, you will receive feedback and comments; and after the work is finished, you will also be given recommendations for further elimination of shortcomings. By deciding to turn to specialists, you will save resources on the further development of your business, and not on the correction of fatal reputational mistakes.