If you are a homeowner, at some point you might experience issues with the plumbing. Whether it is due to aging appliances or just plain wear-and-tear of plumbing equipment, your plumbing system will need maintenance.

We are going to focus on 7 of the most common plumbing problems homeowners face and how to handle them.

  1. When Faucets start Dripping

A faucet that drips is not only costly and wastes water, it is also very annoying. The reason behind a dripping faucet can be the O-ring or washer is worn out. This is an easy fix.

However, if it is corroded or the faucet was not installed correctly, you will need to call a professional plumber.

  1. Pipes that are Leaky

The second most common plumbing issue is leaky pipes. A number of things can be the cause for pipes that are leaking such as:

  • Persistently clogged pipes
  • Pipes have been laid incorrectly
  • Corrosion in the pipes
  • Joint damaged pipes
  • Pipes have cracks or the seals are cracked
  • An extreme amount of water pressure

It does not matter what the reason is for those leaky pipes; this problem with your plumbing needs to be addressed quickly. More damage will result in the longer you leave a leaking pipe unattended. This damage can be to not only your plumbing system but also to your home.

  1. A Running Toilet

A toilet that is constantly running will waste up to 200 gallons of water each day! Some of the reasons for a running toilet include:

  • Handles on the toilet are corroded
  • Flapper chains are not fit properly
  • Flush valves or seals on flappers are not sized correctly
  • Issues with refill tubes
  1. Water Pressure is too Low

There are many reasons why you have low water pressure. Did you know that it can be the reason for many of your plumbing issues? Many times, when there is low water pressure within a home it is signifying a much deeper plumbing issue such as:

  • Sewer lines that have blockage or cracks
  • Corrosion within the pipes
  • Pipes that are leaking in other areas of the house
  • Clogs in the sewer or drain
  • Hose bibb is leaking
  1. The Hose Bibb is Leaking

 This is a very common issue during the spring and summer months. Particularly, if it has been a longer and colder than usual winter. Hose bibbs that have not been guarded against cracking and will often start leaking. For this reason, homeowners are advised to invest in a hose bibb that is frost-resistant. If you do this, you should be able to decrease your chances of having this type of leak in the future.

  1. Drains that are Slow or Completely Clogged

This plumbing issue is not only annoying, but it can also create a danger to one’s health! Drains running slowly or getting clogged completely means there is something wrong in one area of the home’s drainage system. There might be a foreign object stuck in a pipe, or more commonly it’s hair or soap. Whatever it is, you need to address it because it will cause water to back up which causes bacteria.

Signs you need a professional are if many lines are clogging throughout your drainage system. When this happens, you need plumbing repair in Baltimore to assist with this backup.

If this is a problem you encounter too often, you might want to consider a high-efficiency macerating toilet system. With an upflush toilet, you do not need to worry about not flushing the waste because of the lack of water pressure. So even if you drop sanitary pads or toilet paper in, you can expect those to be flushed properly. A toilet with a heavy-duty macerating pump also means that you can make use of the existing plumbing structure.

  1. A Failing Sump Pump

If your Sump Pump is not functioning properly, it could indicate an outside issue or the equipment itself is bad. Here are some clues to look for if you think it’s your sump pump going bad:

  • If your sump pump is around 10 years old, this is the number one clue. These units start to fail often with age.
  • The switches are getting stuck
  • There is a lot of water lying in pools–like it just rained
  • Discharge pipes have become clogged
  • The installation of your current pump was done wrong


If any of these signs have been plaguing your plumbing system, expert plumbers will ensure your plumbing issues are taken care of and you can get on with your life!