Top Ways Of Getting Around Without A Car

Getting around without a car is not impossible. Even if you do not live in a city, or major town you are still able to get around with relative ease. Getting by without a car is easier than you think and when you adopt a different mindset you get to see the opportunities out there available to you that you might not have seen before. For example, when you get around without a car you have the chance to help the environment by reducing emissions. As well as being that bit kinder to the environment you also have the opportunity to save money. Saving money by not using a car regularly soon adds up. Daily costs add up to large amounts, and before you know it you have a sizeable chunk to put towards something that you want. So, what other ways are there to get around without a car?

Good Old Fashioned Walking

If you have not got long distances to go then you should get walking. Walking in weather is good for losing weight, and also good for maintaining a healthy weight too, and the best news is that it is completely free. Of course, walking takes more time and you have to allow yourself adequate time to get anywhere, but if time is not a major issue, you can make walking work for you. To make the most of walking you have to be comfortable, and at ease. Good walking boots or walking shoes are required, and so is adequate clothing. As you may find yourself exposed to many elements at any given time you want to ensure that you have adequate and suitable clothing and footwear to wear all year round, no matter how far you are walking.


Cheap and cheerful, but not always reliable and consistent. If you want to get around easily, but not so much quicker, then using a bus is a good option for you. Buses are cheap to use, and quite often, even if you have to use connections, you can get to parts of town or parts of a city that would be impassable even to cars. Buses though, as cheap as they are, are not known for their reliability. For example, if you are relying on them for getting to work you have to ensure that there are no delays ( even though this is out of your control) as small delays, or even lengthy delays quill have a knock-on effect on your route, and your journey time, which of course could prove detrimental if you have to be somewhere, such as work, for a set time.


If you want to get around on two, or even three wheels with ease, and a little bit of speed too, then why not look at getting a scooter. Stand on scooters, even those electric-powered scooters can get you from A to B with relative speed and ease. Scooters are convenient to use, easy to store, and easy to move about if you wish to use a combination of transportation methods. Some scooters require that you use a helmet with them, so this could be a consideration, as it could make the amount of stuff you have to carry a lot bulkier, heavier, and potentially less convenient.

Electric Bike

Getting around by bicycle might sound tedious, but if you look at using an electric bike you might just notice that your whole outlook and opinion about them has changed. Electric bikes require little charge and are easy to use and purchase. You can get set up very quickly and can be using your new purchase in as little as a few days. Using a well-known retailer like will ensure that you get the right electric bike for you and your needs. With electric bikes, a major advantage isĀ  speed and minimal effort. You can get to work quickly and with ease and without breaking into too much of a sweat.Ā 

Car Sharing

If you don’t mind sharing your personal space, then looking at car-sharing may be something you may be interested in. Sharing a ride to work, or a ride to the shops could allow you to get sound easily and quickly, without owning a car. Of course, sharing with several people may be uncomfortable, but you could save a lot of money sharing with multiple occupants.


Taxis come in all shapes and sizes, some are small compact vehicles, and others are larger vans that can hold several passengers at once. Using a taxi is an affordable way to get around, and a way that is very quick too. Taxis are often highly regulated and insured and if you want to cut the hassle and bother of owning a car, just to do sporadic trips and journeys then using taxis should be at the top of your list.


If you live in a larger or more built-up area then you will have access to a train. Using the train, whether for work purposes or leisure purposes is affordable and convenient, especially if it stops near a station that you use and need. As there are many trains running throughout the day, if you are near a station, or stop it will be convenient for you, and affordable too. Of course, if you are not too close to a station you will have to factor in how you will travel, and how much this will cost, but if you are looking to get around without a car, using a train is a serious option that you should consider.


Jog Or Run

Just that little bit better than walking is running or jogging. Walking takes so long, but, when you jog or run you get to your end destination that little bit quicker, and you most likely burn a few calories in the process too. Jogging and running are free and are a quick and easy way to get around as opposed to using a car.

There are lots of ways to get around without a car. All you have to do is think about where you want to go and by when. When you can break down the journey time and length then you can best establish the most suitable mode of transport for your journey.