In the Middle Ages, you could swear allegiance to the king and possibly get a piece of land in return. Today, you can pledge allegiance to these sites and get a free Blizzard membership. And DQ is by no means the only restaurant that rewards loyal customers with free meals. You can join bonuses programs or take reviews to get gift cards, food, movies, other freebies, Hostel rooms, Supermarkets, Movie tickets. When it comes to amassing money on the stuff you require and want, you can’t help but get them for free. They may not know that there are ways to score something without spending.

Sign up for the loyalty program


Sign up for the loyalty program of your favorite company. Restaurants and shops provide members with unique birthday benefits or based on their consumption amount. You can get free food, delivery, gift cards, merchandise, movie tickets and more free stuff.

Do your library pass


Libraries give plenty of free educational and enjoyment resources besides books. With a proven library card, you could get access to shows, music, games, audiobooks, classes, museums, and more.

Take online surveys 


You can get gift cards, money, and sweepstakes gates by answering questions on sites like Swagbucks and Global Test Market. Taking surveys usually is easy to work but time-consuming, and the payout can be below.

Enter credit card reward 


Do you have a reward credit card? You can use points, miles or cashback for hotel stays, flights, gift cards, etc. Some cards provide additional benefits such as free checked baggage, travel insurance and access to airport lounges. Know what types of rewards you can earn with your card.

Use Coupons 


Coupons are not just for discounts; they can also help you receive gifts. Many stores and brands give away products for free, buy one get one free, or give away shopping suggestions. You can acquire tickets from online databases and Sunday newspapers. Be sure to read the store’s terms and conditions and policies.

Enjoy the Ethnic Food Festival (5)


If you utilise social media, you may have regarded that almost every dish is celebrated on public holidays. Find relevant local restaurants or networks and get free meals or drinks. For example, Cinnabon invited its customers to enjoy a free cup of coffee on National Coffee Day in September.

Enter Sweepstakes


Participate in sweepstakes and win various prizes. The radio station rewarded the lucky ones with concert tickets. HGTV broadcasts the home of your dreams. Holidays, merchandise, and gift cards can all be at risk. Even if the chance of winning is slim, it is usually easy to participate. Sometimes, you will get tickets to leave product reviews on the site or tag your brand on Instagram posts.



Swap your abilities with other people to take jobs done for free. Local Trade Exchange Programs (LETS) have been set up across the country to help communities share their skills. They work by creating a “currency unit” collected when you provide services and “pay” anyone who gives you. For example, if you are an outstanding chef, you can bake a cake for someone and then use those points to let someone take care of your gardening.

Free courses


Learn a new skill for free and improve your career prospects. There are many free courses. Look at Coursera from literature to finance; universities worldwide offer a wide range of free online courses for everyone. Last spring, Shakira even took a class on ancient history. Coursera also offers job placement courses, so you can also improve your resume. If you like chefs, Shaw Academy provides a 4-week free basic cooking and baking course. And Udemy also offers free cooking courses on various cooking techniques. Duolingo is free and provides fans of “Game of Thrones” with simple, step-by-step courses in multiple languages, from Spanish to Japanese to High Valyrian.

Get Free Food by Blagging 


In non-Covid times there are public openings, book signings, restaurant openings and all sorts of other conclusions with free food and drink happening around the nation every week. If you live in a city, it’s outspoken to come across these events. Go into public and institutions and request to be put on their schedule to find out about new events. If you see that a new establishment is opening, ask to be assigned to the opening week they often have half-price snacks then. After a while, you will find that you will join people from other venues at these events, so get their cards and put yourself on those statements. You could end up consuming for free every weeknight.