Becoming a couple and choosing to go through life’s crazy adventures together can be quite magical; however, there are also a lot of pitfalls and new situations you’ll have to navigate. You might find yourself wondering what sorts of things should we know before starting our life together? And what sorts of things might make each milestone just a bit easier to achieve. Well, there’s definitely no one-size-fits-all plan, but there are a few things that are often forgotten about during the initial stages of coupledom. Here’s a handy little list of some things you might want to keep in mind with regards to your significant other and the budding relationship you share.

When First Dating

The beginning of a new relationship is full of excitement and wonder as you both get to know each other on a whole new level. For example, you might need to spend some time adjusting to each other’s morning routines. Hopefully, the coffee vs caffeine pills question arises early, and you find yourselves well on your way to Compromise City. But it’s important to remember that even if your partner doesn’t agree with you on the best collagen protein bars for your skin or forgets to bring the eco-friendly shopping bags, the beginning period of a relationship is all about open communication and forgiveness. It’s really a learning curve and should be treated as such.


Another important situation in which to remember the fact that this is a learning process, which is really true of every new relationship, is in the car. Driving habits are very diverse and occasionally bring out some intense arguments, not the least of which is in regards to navigation. If you’re worried about the classic ‘we should have asked for directions hours ago’ dispute, you might want to think ahead and purchase a car phone mount. GPS is a modern couple’s best friend. Use it wisely and try to meet each other halfway when it comes to all your driving habits and preferences. The long-term health of your relationship will be very thankful if this particular difficulty is addressed early on.


When newly dating it’s also imperative to suss out what sorts of things you like to do as a couple. Nights out on the town often look a bit different after committing to a relationship, so what are some other activities that you two can discover and do together. It might be a cozy night in with a bottle of mezcal and some board games or you might want to take up an entirely new hobby altogether. Whatever way you decide to spend your time, remember that it’s always a good idea to spend some time apart as well. A healthy relationship should allow each person the time and space they need to develop their own hobbies and interests as well as those they choose to do together.

When Moving in Together

Another major transition in a couple’s life journey is the moving-in-together phase. Whether you’re choosing to consolidate into one person’s current home or you’re choosing to buy or rent a new place, you might just need to sell an existing property. This can be a tricky step in anyone’s life, and for couples, in particular, it can bring about a lot of anxiety and questions about money, equality, longevity, etc. Using a third party like Homelister is a great way to ensure everyone gets what they need to feel secure while still successfully working together to combine assets.


Often the next task after officially moving in together is redecorating and combining household items. This is a great way to give yourselves a fresh start and decide together on any new purchases and/or personalized creature comforts. You might look into how to buy a sofa, as this is often one of the most used pieces of your now collective furniture. You might also find yourself buying American flags to order to really lean into your new role as the all-American couple on the block. Or else you can keep it pretty basic and just add a few, smaller items like a cozy candle or blanket from Home of Chiji to mark the momentous occasion. Even the little things that you choose and arrange together will make the place feel like it belongs to both parties, which is always important when in a new home.


Depending on how much time you spent at each other’s places during the dating phase, you might also need to work out some of the kinks that come with living together full-time. The occasional snoring that was originally so cute might require you to clear your sinuses now that you’re officially cohabitating. From snoring and blanket-hogging to mess-making and door slamming, it’s a great idea to talk about the little things that irk and annoy as soon as they come up. Letting feelings bottle up is never good, and when you’re living together it’s crucial that each person feels heard, understood, and at the end of the day, happy. So, be sure to actively address the challenges that always come up when moving in with someone, no matter how minor or awkward they may be.

When Navigating Milestones Together

Of course, throughout your life, there will be countless other major events you’ll wade through together. You might find yourselves buying a car or making some other large purchase. Should this be the case, you’ll definitely need to know your credit score api. Depending on your financial situation you might have a joint score or separate scores, but regardless, this is something every couple needs to keep in mind when aiming to make a large purchase. Knowing your credit scores and using them to your collective advantage is an important part of the teamwork necessary for all couples. Of course, once you buy that new car, you’ll also want to get that good car wax too. Protect that mechanical baby!


If you and your partner are in the market for another sort of baby, say a furbaby, there are several other important steps you might want to talk out. First, when welcoming a new life (be it furry or not), it’s critical to have an open and honest conversation about your expectations. The responsibility of caring for another life is massive, and you’ll need to be on the same page for it to work out. So before you break out your customized pet blankets, be sure to discuss things like who is responsible for what, what kind of care you intend to give, and your preferred methods of discipline, just to name a few. Pets can really be a great way to find out your respective answers to these important questions and are honestly much better to know early on in the relationship.


Finally, regardless of the life stage or particular milestone you’re at, it’s crucial that you show each support. Whether one of you is continuing your education via Velociteach or attempting to live a Keto lifestyle, the support that you receive from your partner is one of the most important motivating factors and can make or break your resolve. So whatever your significant other is going through or whatever they’re working towards, do your best to show your support actively and often. Ultimately, whether you’re at the beginning of your relationship or have been together for a long time, there are so many things you can do to make sure you both feel supported in your endeavors.


There’s likely no end to the number of ways you can successfully journey through life with a partner. Of course, not everyone even wants to spend their time with someone else, but if you do find yourself starting life with another person, it wouldn’t hurt to think about some of these possibilities. You never know, they might just end up making your relationship that much stronger and your life that much easier! If not, at least you’ll still have some good stories to tell and a heap of hindsight for the next go around.