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A wallet speaks a lot about a person. Of course, it can tell you how much money any one person has, but it also shows how organized and maintained they are. A rugged and beat-up wallet may reflect a lack of self-maintenance and suggest they don’t care for how they treat their belongings or finances. Be sure your wallet reflects good habits with these tips on how to maintain your notecase.


Keep It Clean

The best tip to help maintain your notecase or wallet is to keep it clean. Damage to wallets can happen in several ways, but the most common is the eventual deterioration of the wallet. From the surface and materials slowly fading, this damage to your wallet will leave it unusable after a few years. This is why it is important to keep it clean. There are a variety of different ways that you can do this. The first thing you want to do to keep your wallet clean is to keep in mind protective practices that will keep dirt off it. If your wallet doesn’t get dirty, then you don’t have to worry as often about actually going through the process of cleaning it. Keep your notecase off any surfaces where dirt can build up, including the ground, on dirt, and on sandy beaches. Aside from the obvious, you also want to ensure that you keep your notecase off surfaces that have food like kitchen counters or restaurant tables. When you are handling your notecase, be sure to keep your hands clean as well, washing them frequently to remove any grime that would transfer onto the wallet surface. Depending on the color of your wallet as well, you may not realize just how much dirt accumulates on your notecase, building up over time. If your wallet does happen to get dirty, it may be time to clean it. When you are cleaning it, there are several factors that you need to consider. 

You need to understand what the wallet is made out of, as the material will greatly impact what types of cleaners you should be using. There are specific soaps that are made for cleansing leather material, and this is important to ensure that it is not damaged during this process. You should also consider the material of the cleaning supplies you use in the cloth, facilitating a safe and effective clean. Using a ph-balanced soap, apply it on your cloth in order to absorb most of the moisture, and apply only what you need on the wallet to clean it. You can do this by putting the cleaning solution in a bowl or tray, and dabbing the cloth to get just enough soap. Rub the wallet using the solution moistened cloth in a circular motion, cleaning the notecase surface. As you do this, you will notice any grime begin to disappear and the original color of your wallet to be revealed. Continue this procedure until you no longer see any grime that can be removed. 

In addition to cleaning the exterior of a wallet, you want to ensure that you also are mindful of cleaning the inside. Remember to not stress any stitches or seams too much throughout the cleaning, as you do not want to cause any damage. Once the cleaning has been completed, you want to allow sufficient time for it to dry. Use a towel to wrap around the wallet to remove any excess moisture while keeping its shape. Leave the notecase overnight, as you want to maintain your patience, since this can take a while. Once the wallet is clean and dry, you can apply a leather conditioner to the wallet. This completes the cleaning process by applying a protective seal to prevent dirt and grime from building up as quickly, ensuring that it will be a while until you need to clean the wallet again. 

Keeping your notecase clean is one of the most effective ways to ensure that it lasts a long time. Even if you cannot tell that your notecase is dirty, it doesn’t hurt to clean it from time to time to ensure that it is in a long-lasting condition.


Avoid Keeping Keys And Other Items In The Same Pocket

Aside from keeping your wallet clean, one important aspect of keeping your notecase maintained is ensuring that you do not store it in a way that would expose it to items that would cause physical damage to it. What this translates to, is that if you are keeping your wallet in your trouser or coat pocket, or even in your bag, you do not want to store it with items like keys, pens, or other items with hard, rigid, or sharp sides to it. Store your notecase in compartments on its own to ensure that you are taking care of your wallet. When you go to grab it, such items may cause scratches and aberrations to the leather surface, which will not be easy to remove. Your phone may even be a culprit that causes damage, from the surface of the case to the heating aspect that may cause long-term damage. Make sure that you keep your wallet separated from anything that would be problematic to its long-term maintenance.


Do Not Overpack Your Notecase

Notecases will easily break down depending on how you store their compartments. Wallets are designed to carry a specific number of cards and money, depending on how it is built. Be mindful of not carrying too many cards, and in that sense, too much money as well. If you overburden and overpack your notecase, you will cause strain on the seams and stitching, causing it to break and fall apart over time.

It is important that you keep your notecase properly maintained. Not only is it needed to hold all your money and cards, but it also reflects certain traits and gives an impression to anyone seeing you handle it. Show pride in yourself and your belongings by properly caring and maintaining them.