The sneaky owl glanced towards the camera through the shield of its wing. Setiadi

By Amy Walters

THIS OWL looked like it was playing a quick game of ‘I Spy’ before diving into the water to capture a snack.

In one image, the buffy fish owl could be seen as it flapped its wings with urgency, which resulted in a shot of its enchanting eye being framed by its wings.

Another image captured the 11-inch owl as it spread its wings even further and dove feet first into the water beneath it, where it splashed droplets into the sky.

After hiding away, the owl then opened its wings out wide. Setiadi

The action-packed images were taken by director Ajar Setiadi (54) from Bogor, Indonesia, who captured the wise owl in the city’s Cisadane River from just 13-feet away.

Ajar captured these shots using a Nikon D500 camera.

“I was walking along the river one day and as it was such a beautiful morning, I decided to take my camera with me where I spotted an owl,” Ajair said.

“I saw the owl leisurely sitting on the surface of the water, when suddenly, he started flapping his wings with such urgency.

Photographer, Ajar Setiadi

“I assume he must’ve spotted a fish and wanted to swoop down to capture this tasty treat. As he started to gain momentum, droplets of water were flying everywhere and his feathers became soaked.

“After a few moments of flying around trying to gain the perfect vantage shot, the owl realised that he lost its chance and flew away.

“I felt so happy and amazed to have captured these shots, especially the money shot of it framing its wise eye.

The owl proceeded to dive into the water to catch a snack. Setiadi

“Sometimes nature will surprise you, so it’s important to always be ready to capture the perfect moment with your camera as you never know what you might take.”

The buffy fish owl is native to Southeast Asia and can reach up to 18-inches at full adult size. These owls feed mostly on fish, frogs and small birds and typically live in wet, tropical forests.