The throuple home to have a symbolic 'threesome' wedding.

By Martin Ruffell


THIS MAN has one wife and TWO GIRLFRIENDS after the couple decided to have an open marriage – and the extramarital throuple are now planning a ‘symbolic’ marriage ceremony.

Information electronics technician and influencer Marco Santos Silva (35) from Cologne, Germany, and his wife Daniela Silva (35) decided to live in an open marriage in 2012 as it was something they always wanted to exlore.

In 2019, office clerk Jessica K (35) and retail clerk Kamila Z (35) both met Marco at a party and soon realised that they both had chemistry with him. With neither being interested in women however, the pair created a ‘V’ relationship in which they are both romantically involved with Marco, but not each other.

Marco photographed with both Kamila and Jessica.

Despite this, the trio love spending time walking the streets of Cologne, where they now live and hope to move in together in the near future, with Marco splitting his time between their home and the home he, his wife Daniela, and their two children share.

Fortunately for the throuple, Marco’s wife and the trio’s families are in full support of their decision to prioritise love over convention. However, not everyone is so accommodating.

When in public, the throuple often have people stare at them whenever they show public affection towards one another, with women often looking scared and men looking jealous.

Marco splits his time between Jessica and Kamila and his wife, Daniela.

Marco even receives messages from men asking how best to communicate their desire to enter a polyamorous relationship to their own wives, without them leaving.

Both Jessica and Kamila both want to have children with Marco and hope that they can soon have a symbolic wedding for three to express the love they share for one another.

“I have been living in an open marriage with my wife Daniela since 2012 and we have two daughters who are four and seven together,” said Marco.

Jessica and Kamila are friends but they are not in a relationship with each other.

“I met Jessica and Kamila at different parties in 2019 and then I introduced them to one another shortly after.

“We harmonised straight away and knew that we had a special connection.

“Since then, we have been in a three-person relationship.

Marco and Jessica enjoy some alone time.

“I have a love affair with Kami and a love affair with Jessi, and Kami and Jessi are not lesbians but friends.

“We do a lot of things as a threesome, but there is also togetherness.

“Fortunately for us, our families stand united behind us and what we do.

Kamila and Jessica pictured enjoying a friendly kiss.

“Our children are also brought up openly and get on with all partners.

“As with everything in life, there are proponents and people who do not accept other lifestyles.

“The biggest and only criticism is that people fear that our children will be bullied in school, but we raise them to be confident and open people.

Jessica and Kamila are friends but they are not in a relationship with each other.

“When we’re out together, people turn around, women often look scared, and men look jealous.

“Men often ask us how best to communicate their desire for a similar relationship to ours without their wives leaving them.

“In previous relationships, jealousy broke everything but in our relationship now, we don’t get jealous at all.

The throuple are in a ‘V’ relationship.

“In the event of differences of opinion, we sit down together and always find solutions.”

Marco, Jessica and Kamilla are keen to show the world that despite the atypical nature of their relationship, it can function just as well as a monogamous partnership.

“For us, our relationship isn’t too different from any other. It’s like a monogamous relationship only with three people,” said Marco.

The trio are inseparable since meeting two years ago.

“We are three people who support and love each other in everyday life.

“Our love is definitely deeper than just ‘experimenting’ and we have solid foundations on which our relationship is built.

“The next step is to move in together soon, have children and a symbolic wedding for the three of us.”