The enlightened wisdom and profound teachings of Buddha have touched many lives over the centuries. Having a statue of Buddha is a calming influence as it represents positivity, contentment, and prosperity. Besides being a religious symbol, you may own a Buddha statue for decorative purposes too.

Lord Buddha statues are available in different poses, each signifying a specific virtue. The hand gestures and postures that the statues depict reveal their true meaning. These poses aim to capture the many events in the life of Buddha and are often carved in precious metal.


Buying Guide

Although the statueā€™s appearance is what may capture your attention at the outset, there are other factors to consider. Listed below are a few aspects to pay attention to when investing in a statue with deep historical significance:


Style or Pose

Buddha statues usually illustrate a significant event from the life of this deity. Each traditional pose has a specific relevance and an inspiring attribute. It is significant to buy a statue that best connects with you on a personal level.Ā 


Material CompositionĀ 

Statues made from sturdy bronze and stone are the most durable as they last longer with minimal maintenance. Terracotta and lacquer statues are more delicate and difficult to preserve. Assess the overall condition of the Buddha statue before proceeding with your purchase.


Quality of the Statue

Artisans who create these statues have varying levels of talent. When careful attention is paid to the smallest detail, the statue is worth your investment. Those crafted with finesse are visually appealing and capably retain their impressive qualities even as time passes.Ā 


Authentic Source

Considering Buddha statues are commercially mass-produced nowadays, it helps to approach a reliable source. A reputed vendor who sources handmade statues directly from the artisan creating it ensures you get an authentic product.Ā 

Investing in one of these remarkable creations is not cheap, so it pays to lay your hands on genuine handcrafted statues. When you acquire the statue with confidence and in a positive spirit, you gain the maximum benefit.


Placement of Buddha Statues

Since statues of Buddha lend a positive influence to your environment, their thoughtful placement effectively contributes to making this impact. There are some rules of etiquette which you must be aware of in this respect:

  • Avoid placing Buddha statues in your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom
  • Elevate the statue to at least two and a half feet above ground level
  • Please place it in good light where the statue is visible and can be appreciated
  • Position the statue to face the entrance so it attracts positive energy and deflects negative vibesĀ 

A beautiful Buddha statue is known to have a powerful influence along with being a decorative artifact. Whether in your personal or professional space, the direction you face the statue brings out or hinders its effective properties.Ā 


Here are some handy placement tips:

Face the EntranceĀ 

The statue of Buddha should be the first thing you lay your eyes on when entering an enclosed space. It draws out all the negative energy from your being and instills a peaceful calm when the statue faces the entrance.


Allocate a Dedicated Spot

Avoid placing the statue on a table or shelf alongside other accessories. Ideally, nothing should tower above the statue, so preferably use a dedicated stand to prop your Buddha. If your idol is exceptionally large, place it on a low stool.


Create a Meditative Zone

When creating a meditation area, face the statue and altar towards the east. Position the statue such that your feet do not point towards it while lounging on a neighboring couch. You can place the statue of Buddha on a raised platform looking into the room rather than away from it.Ā 

Exceptions can be made to deflect negative energy by facing the statue towards the room’s entrance. Keep the area clean and ensure no towering object is in the vicinity, like a cupboard or refrigerator.


Design a Tranquil Outdoor Expanse

Should you choose to position one or more Buddha statues in your outdoor expanse, you can. Preferably elevate the idols on a platform or mound of stones. Burning incense sticks or lighting candles before the statue is a mark of respect. There are no restrictions on the number of statues you can club in one area.

Even if you don’t practice Buddhism, the presence of a Buddha idol brings about balance, calmness, and positivity. Keeping the statue and its surrounding area spotless indicates your regard and admiration for the deity.

Approach a knowledgeable, passionate, and reliable distributor, so you can impact the lives of talented artisans who painstakingly craft these divine statues.Ā