Moving abroad is such an exciting task. You set out to have new experiences, meet new people and visit places. 

The move however is also quite stressful. Here are some of the things to know when you are moving abroad.


  • Sort Your Visa and Documents 

The various countries provide for different visa requirements before you can relocate. If you are in luck then your job will sort your employment visa on your behalf. If not, look for the visa that fits your purpose of travel. You can choose a temporary, student, working, or family visa.

In addition to the Visa, you need to have your other documents in place. A passport is one of the documents you must have when traveling abroad. You might also need your birth certificate, medical records, driving license, and social security cards.

Keep most of these documents in multiple copies. You can have them around for your big move. Also, consider having a digital copy of these documents to avoid damage or loss.


  • Plan Your Finances

Financial security is important when moving abroad. Sort all the financial aspects before you travel. For those who don’t have any property in the UK, then you might close all your bank accounts.

Set up an international bank account that allows for transactions in your new country. Most UK banks offer the services making it convenient.

Inform your pension holder of your status. Let them know if they need to remit the pension to your new country or keep it in the UK. If you have an individual savings account, you can keep it open due to the tax relief.

Lastly, understand the financial needs in your new country. Look into the prices of property and other services. You need your finances to enjoy a comfortable life abroad.


  • Understand the Healthcare System

Research about the healthcare system of the country you are visiting. Find out your eligibility status for the medical care and the various provisions.

Most of the countries would require you to pay for the medical services. Other countries like Dubai also provide mandatory medical insurance when moving to the region. As such, your employer can provide for health insurance cover. If not, you should invest in private health insurance for UK citizens living abroad for high-quality care.

Deregister from the NHS before leaving the UK.


  • Driving and Getting Around 

Like in the UK, every other country requires you to drive only when you have a valid driver’s license. If you want to drive then consider taking driving lessons in the new country to understand the laws and regulations. You can only get the license when you prove you have mastered the traffic rules and signs. 

Still, you can opt for an international driving permit when heading anywhere outside Europe. It allows you to drive using your current UK driver’s license. However, in time it would be best to get an international driver’s license

  • Insure Almost Everything

Moving abroad requires the utmost peace of mind. While mishaps are inevitable, insurance covers will always help you through.

Traveling in 2021 has become even harder following the coronavirus pandemic. Flights can easily get canceled or rescheduled. You might also have to undergo some period of quarantine when you land in the new country.

With the travel insurance cover, you are sure of a drama-free journey. The cover also protects you from injuries and losses during your travel. Take overseas life insurance to ensure your dependents are financially stable in case of your demise in the new country.


  • Understand the taxes 

Taxes are important in any country you visit. Fill form P85 of the HMRC before you leave. Understand the tax regime of the country you are moving to. 

Taxes are complicated. As such, speak to a professional to help you understand the amount you need to remit for your country and the UK. 


  • Utilities and other things

Consider stopping all the utilities before leaving the UK. Let the gas, cable, and electricity providers know that you are leaving. Also, let your property insurance company know when leaving and renting out the home.

Even when abroad you still don’t want to miss important communication. Arrange with the post office to redirect your mails to your new address.

Also, inform the local authority when leaving and give your new address for the Council Tax bill.

Sorting everything takes time. Start early to avoid last-minute rush and forgetting other important details.


Bottom Line

Moving abroad from the UK is such a daunting task. Other than having to learn a new language and culture for non-English speaking countries, there is a lot more to do. Use this checklist as your guide. You need all the above in check for a peaceful relocation.