One of the most common questions designers are asked is, “How can I choose the perfect artwork?”. It is essential to follow a few general guidelines to ensure you select the right piece for your space. Nevertheless, you must be aware that art purchases are also based on what is available for sale or at auction.

Some artists may not consider monetizing their art a priority, believing that their work should primarily convey the “truth” about themselves or their subjects. However, it is also of interest to other artists hoping to earn a bit of cash.

As an artist, it’s a good idea to look at buying trends before you start painting if your primary goal is to sell your art. For example, an artist in a highly populated tourist area might find that local scenes are easy to sell. Their income will come through selling their paintings, but they can also paint their styles and choose topics they are interested in.

If you’re not looking for some of the most famous names in art (which are usually worth a lot these days), you’ll probably have to go with a local or upcoming painter. They sell a variety of art as described above. Check out these types of art pieces that you probably will buy, and yes, they are well worth the investment.

Popular Arts Pieces To Buy

Landscape Paintings

Often, people believe that landscape paintings are the most quintessential form of art. The landscape is universal: Everyone appreciates the beauty of a long view, so it’s a choice that is easy for buyers. Artists like Cecelyv of draw inspiration from their local art scene by depicting the surrounding scenery. Local sets appeal to buyers because they are nostalgic, historical, and personal. Local views, landmarks, events, and histories recognizable and distinctive to a particular location are likely to sell. In particular, harbors, seascapes, and beach scenes sell well due to their association with family vacations, relaxation, and holidays. The owners of beach houses often choose to decorate their walls with beach-themed art, and many purchase prints of seascapes as souvenirs.

Abstract Paintings

Some individuals purchase art to match their décor, regardless of whether they like it or not. At least in part, this may explain why abstract works of art are so famous. Because abstract paintings may appear as only a color, texture, or shape when installed on a wall, this style appeals to many people who wish to design their homes with a unified theme. In addition, since abstract paintings are generally nonrepresentational or symbolic, the viewer is free to interpret and ascribe meaning to the picture, which is another cause of their growing popularity. Artists like Botto are famous in this regard. 

Dogs and Wildlife Paintings

Almost as much as they love their dogs, people seem to enjoy paintings of dogs. The most common way dogs are depicted in art is in domestic settings, looking directly at the viewer. On the other hand, wildlife and other animals are often portrayed in larger, more natural settings from a distance and in profile. Therefore, a dog painting most often suggests feelings of intimacy and friendship, while a painting of wildlife suggests an untamed and unmediated natural world.

Figures and Nudes

A painting of another individual elicits a sense of connection in the viewer. People will always be fascinated by other people’s portraits or studies, whether abstract or impressionistic. Nudes still have a market (and probably always will) even though the trend moves towards clothed body types.

Tips On Choosing Art Pieces For Your Home

Here are some suggestions for new collectors:

For The Living Room

A well-chosen piece is an essential part of starting a conversation and creating the right environment. You can choose one large piece, or you can choose a large gallery wall. Occasionally, it is necessary to think outside the box. There are many different ways an artist creates art. It does not always need to be a print or canvas. You can find a unique piece that reflects yourself by looking beyond a 2D image, such as a large-size replica of a flag or Stag horns.

For The Bedroom

The artwork in the bedroom must reflect the character of the bedroom as a retreat or a place for relaxation. In the bedroom, the best place to display art is over the bed or opposite the bed. Hanging large-scale pieces at eye level is ideal. Try to find abstract pieces with soothing colors or tones. Frames should be kept simple. A gallery frame or canvas are both acceptable choices. In this scenario, we are more interested in the artwork itself as opposed to its vessel.

For The Bathroom

Art is often neglected in the bathroom as well. The artwork chosen for the bathroom should complement its atmosphere. On the main floor, for example, you should select more fun and bright pieces. If you’re decorating a master bathroom, choose pieces that are calm and serene. Selecting an art piece for your bathroom works best if it is paired, either stacked or side-by-side. It could be two identical abstract pieces with one turned over or two different pieces that share a similar theme. This style would be ideal above the toilet, above the bathtub (if you have one), or above the towel/robe hooks.

For The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most commonly overlooked rooms concerning art. The kitchen is often considered the heart of the house and can be the most frequently used room. In this case, art should not be excluded. Countertops and above-cabinet spaces are ideal places to display art. Make sure to pick smaller pieces that work with, rather than invade, your space. Funny or social prints are usually the ones that make us smile and make our mornings more enjoyable.

Lastly, besides knowing what type of artwork sells and what you would like to buy, and where you would like them exhibited, most art industry experts recommend that you purchase a piece of art because you want it, not so that you can become rich. A more logical approach would be to buy something they enjoy, something that they can afford, and something they will only enjoy for themselves. In the event of a rise in value, that should be regarded as a bonus.